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Fade to Black;>.....

You'd think after I smashed my L big toe last yr I'd learn but NOOOOOOO. Working in the yard with flip-flops and my wheelbarrow filled with bags of soil tips back, landing the handlebar straight across both feet. Thankfully, I have large big toes so they took the weight and didn't crush the "lil piggies". Had to lay down for a bit to keep from passing out. Looks like I'll be losing two toenails this time......
I think I'll have a cup of Sake;>......


I HAVE been avoiding the news in general for the last couple of months but I do watch the low-cal news for the weather and occasionally catch up on the crapfest that is the US gov't at present.Chuck was wondering about my head shaking till I told him this about the Reps' replacement for the ACA:
"These folks have never been or KNOW any Working Class (or poorer)folks because when we get a tax refund, it goes to bills and MAYBE something needed."
Sure, we're gunna look at that cheque and say, "Let's get a few months of Insurance!"....

Drinky Pooh;>!

Over a decade ago Chuck decided he didn't want to drink anymore so we didn't. Wasn't a problem(glass of wine with dinner or liquor after),he just didn't want to. Wasn't a big deal to me, though I kept "imbibing" for Ritual reasons;>.
Then, starting last Fall I began to REASAAALLLY want one, so last month I bought a bottle of fair Sake.
Normally, there's been a correlation of my fav "tipple" and my Belief System at that time. When I was Wiccan it was Ale. When CR it was Single Malt but when I "Came Home" to Heathenry, it should have been Mead. But it wasn't. A big reason was that for the most time you couldn't find it and when you did, it was too rare to just have as an evening cocktail. It became Sake.
The main reason I believe is that I've been a Japanophile since I was a kid. Mom went to live with her mom's 2nd husband in Japan during MacArthur's Occupation and there was a lot of stuff an books brought back that I found fascinating.
No matter, like Ales and single malts before it, I was a "snob". It didn't have to be expensive, just very good. And honestly, it'd be easier if my present "fav" was one of the past one's because it's not easy finding decent Sake "run hyar". Good enough for Cooking sure, but drink?
Luckily, I found a store in the town we used to live in that carries decent domestic. Ordering online costs more than the drink itself!
So now I can sit an hr or two before bedtime with a Sake cup full of something both tasty and relaxing; allowing family and personal "trials" to be put on the backburner till the next day...


With the maples breaking Dormancy, I'm pretty sure no more Freezes here in "The Dangly Bits". So I was out "farting" around the garden planting seeds of stuff that grow better in cool weather but can't handle Frost. The Daffodils are just breaking surface except for a Dbl cultivar that is found in old homesteads and graveyards around the Deep South which should be Blooming fairly soon;>.
No buds yet but the 'Ugli' Mandarin tree is sprouting leaves. Hopefully later.
The Phais(Nun's Orchid) and Cymbidiums are covered in buds; a Mini Yellow has been in bloom now for almost a month.
Our Freezes weren't too deep this yr and so I have the backup AND the big Chaya(Mayan Spinach, Super food plant). I'll donate the rooted cutting to the local healthfood store. I'm sure someone'll take it;>. If I was smart I'd do the same with the Tea Tree(same species you get Tea Tree oil from)'cause it's really getting to big for my yard. I think I've got maybe another yr until it's too big to drag into the shed during Freezes.
WAAAAAY too early to assess Galangal, Turmeric and Japanese Ginger. All I can is that they aren't "squishy";>.....

Tech Review: Amazon Tap....

Usually, by the time we can afford some piece of tech it's been around forever and so no point but for Yule we got a Tap. It just took a while to get it connected(esp when your smartphone is so old and the instructions are done for the present Iphone;>).

Good Points: Voice Controlled(though you do have to push a button 1st. Much less creepier than the Echo which is listening always and uploading what you say to it and around it).
Bad Points: Voice Controlled. It can't understand Chuck at all and half the time me due to the "cottonmouth" that my meds give me.

Good Points: Mobile. Bad Point: Needs Wifi. I point this obvious fact oput because one of the complaints online about the Tap was that it wouldn't work at a picnic;>. For us, our gardens are within range of our wifi so no problems;>!

It has great sound though the volume can be a bit "fiddly". And as nice as it would be to be able to change artists or playlists without touching(and getting it dirty while in the garden)I'd rather not have "Big Sister" listening in to our lives....


Saw the 1st sign of Spring here; Redbud tree blossoms! Usually means around 3 weeks after they start, you don't have to worry about Freezes till next Winter....

Same Crap, Different Day....

So....last week I went to call in Chuck's meds and was told it was too early for the one with 3 tabs in it. I was told to call his MD. I checked and found that they'd given us only half the pills he was supposed to. Doc didn't get back to us until this week and the Pharm gave us those they owed us. TODAY is when we were supposed to pick up this month's. Guess what I found out this time;>?
At least this time it said right on the bottle they only put in the AM dose. Called them back and it looks like a CYA dance.
They'll get back to me.....
Humans. The Other White Meat.

Movie: 'Silence'.....

Not a review or recommendation, since I won't be watching this one. Even if I'm a Japanophile. It was Interesting that only a couple days after finishing 'A Year In the Life of a Shinto Shrine by JK Nelson that the 1st trailers for this flick began running so I had a bit of a different "take" on the "Poor Oppressed Christians".....
The subject, like many that are Uncomfortable to Japanese was covered tangently. It began with a discrepancy the author noted about when the shrine was founded. One answer was over a millennium old. The other only a few hundred years.
The truth was that there had been a shrine there for more than a millennium. The present one was only a couple yrs old because for almost 2 hundred yrs it and all the other shrines in the area had been torched by Christians. Each attempt to rebuild had them burning the buldings down as so it reached the point that Shinto Followers had to Worship outdoors or in buildings owned by Nobles too Noble for the Christians and their Portuguese and Spanish overlords to excuse.
The practice is well-known to all members of the alt.relgious from our Histories. The Church convinced the Nobility that Converting brought a wealthier lifestyle(just as some still do, esp Mormons in Africa and S America...also why they have the poorest retention OF new converts once an American lifestyle doesn't come). They order their people to convert and crack down on the Indigenous Ways.
What happened unusually in Japan that too many high up churchmen told the truth...that it was about National Power, not Souls.
Yes, Japanese Christians were tortured and murdered. But it only happened after almost 2 centuries of abuse of the those following Shinto AND Buddhism as well as political "shenanigans"(probably what tipped the balance. Shinto and Buddhist Noble families had their own Priests and shrines. So what if the Merchant and Working Class had to worship in the ruins of their shrines? But mess with their Powerbase!?!?).
Personally? I recommend 'AYITLOASS' by JKN for ANY alt.religious to see how an intact(mostly. WW2 did a number due to both the Occupation AND the gov'ts use of Shinto to boost Nationalism)tribal Way survives in the modern age where most Japanese have got more of Shinto's theology from Anime and Manga than Shrine Instruction;>....

DVD Recommendation: 'Train to Busan'.....

This action Z movie IMO is one of the best in the last couple of yrs. Use it to wash the "stench" of crap like 'WWZ' out of your head;>....
A recently Separated corporate kiss-ass is "guilted" by his daughter into visiting her mother on her b-day, the morning after a biohazard accident at a biotech firm(for which kiss-arse works;>). A "Bite-ee" gets on the same train and you can guess the outcome.....
No CGI, just old fashioned makeup and stuntwork, making a flick that puts multi-million messes like 'WWZ' in the dust. You actually care about most of the characters....even the kid. In American ones you usually want to strangle them within 15 minutes of watching because they're so annoying. The little girl in this one makes you wish all child characters were like her. Esp after her father berates her for "being too good" when she gives up her seat to an old lady.....

2017 Projects....

Well, it might have been easier at least for my local Spirit project if we still lived in FWB with it's local Indian museum but probably not. I'm planning to "pop" over next time I'm there to see if they have any info I haven't found already.
One big problem is one that's not just here; the tribes here moved here during Colonial times. Literally driven from their homes in the North. Those that had lived here were pretty much wiped out by the Spanish and their diseases. The few left couldn't defend themselves and were either wiped out or absorbed. Luckily, the previous folks were from the same language group as those that supplanted them so their Spirit Realms might have been similar. If not, the Mvskoke Peoples were long enough to bring THEIRS.
The two most mentioned in the material I've found(other than their God/desses)are the Tie Snakes and the Little People. Sadly, none of the sources I've found have their Mvskoke Names, just the ones the Christian Missionaries labeled them with.
Both are generally Neutral. The "Leave us alone and we'll probably leave you alone" types of Beings. The Tie/Tye Snakes(seen them spelled both ways) live in Shadow; dark pools, holes under roots, etc. Definitely of the Underworld. They generally are seen as snakes with bright stripes and horns. The odd thing is some pictograms and pottery show them with Ramshorns, an animal not generally found before Europeans in the deep Southeast. Attempts to propitiate them are iffy; one time it works, the next you're TOAST.
The Little People are just that. Standard proportioned the size of a child, dressed in "old fashioned clothing". They're generally about as friendly as a standoffish person and can attach themselves to individuals and families. Considering both were never found around(unless attached to people) in Mvskoke villages and farms, I doubt I'd run into either locally....