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Fanboy Mode Continues;>......

Sooo. Watched the season finale of 'FTWD'. Have to say, I'm certainly enjoying it more than I have the last few seasons of 'TWD'. However, I do have to complaints:

1- They go from the night Angelenos discover Something's Wrong to 9 days later. Personally, I think they missed a lot of chances for some really interesting storylines in going from 1st to 3rd World in one episode

2-I'm REALLLLY TIRED of the Uniform=Evil" Trope popular in today's TV. Not quite as bad as the Brits(which is why I stopped watching any of their Sci Fis)but still. At least the Cops weren't Villains, just planning to skip and leave civilians behind to die. 'Course, after watching E2 you can see their point. I'd do the same.

Other than that, and that they base of operations will be a boat gives the show a wide choice of places to hold storylines. Considering I basically LIVE in the same Biome that 'TWD' is set in it'
d be nice for a change not to see what looks like the road to Winn Dixie from my house crawling with Walkers;>.....

Feeding Frenzy!

Last month was one of the tight ones, esp the last week. No one went Hungry but meals were extremely "healthy". MDR for calories, low in Carbs, etc. Snacks were Raisins and Carrots. Then, comes Payday and Carbopalooza!
We'd actually been low Carb long enough that not long after eating a couple donuts we both had gastric distress. The - was having to cancel going to dinner with my SIL. The + was that, unlike the usual post payday fingerstick, this AM's was NORMAL.
Always look for the Silver Lining;>!


It's bugging me how many folks are SHOCKED!!!!!! that Francis met with the County Bitch. He's the frigg'n POPE! It never ceases to amaze me how folks think that Nice=Good. Sure, if you're a Het Male. If not? Puleeeez. He's the head of an organization that's killed and tortured more folks over the last 1700 yrs than the Nazis DID......

The Fall Garden....

Here on the Florida Panhandle we’re in a weird space in that the Astrological Seasons and Environmental ones are in sync(sorta;>). Spring Equinox means no danger of Frost and usually that the soil is above 70F so things that don’t like cold soil can be planted. And Fall Equinox means the nights drop into the 70’s and below.
This yr I’m trying Daikon in containers for both the limited beds space AND an attempt NOT to have “Nuclear Roots”. Our high Sulphur soils make Radishes and Onions quite “piquant”;>. I’m not planting the Welsh Onions again, no matter where I live. They’re not Perennial here and pretty mediocre as Green Onions. I’m sticking with my ‘Ishikura’ Green Onions and my fav Shimonita Negi(more like a Leek and takes a yr to Mature)….though I may not plant the latter till next Fall.
The Red and the White Japanese Turnips are in shallow containers; one is self watering to see if truly constant moisture makes that big of a difference. There’s just not enough space to get a decent crop of Kohlrabi so they’re out(which is too bad). Found two Loquat trees in the neighborhood and they’re blooming so I’m going to ask the owners if I could Harvest some later in the yr. Since most folks plant them as landscape trees, they usually don’t know what to do with the fruit(even know that they’re edible!) so I usually don’t have a problem getting permission.


We had a family dinner over at my brothers last night. Probably the most pleasant one EVER. Not that the others were not, just that there has been a lot of Stress in the last few yrs and it oft came out during.
Dad did well, which is in a way sad. Since Mom died he's kind of Blossomed. Esp. in the last decade she really made his life hard and when she got Sick, Physical was added onto his 80+ yr frame. It's not that they didn't love each other, it's just I think her Fears in the last decade was presented as Anger and Controlling Behavior.
My SIL's been going through a lot at the time too. A Domineering MIL, Menopause and a Melanoma scare, combined unfortunately IMO with a penchant for Conspiracy Theories. The hormones have settled a bit, mom's gone and a bit of Surgery has made the Cancer fear subside. Now if we can do something about 9-11 stuff;>.
With all that it tended to make Chuck pre-primed for a fight to happen and not to look forward to family get togethers. The last couple had been good and this one was great.
Hopefully, the Duffys are over the "hump"....

"Hope To Die" list......

Fans of every genre except maybe Romance have them; the lists in their heads that within the 1st 1/2 hr film/3rd episode-chapter of the characters that for all intensive purposes a waste of space.
After 3 episodes I've 2 for 'FTWD':

Travis-the central adult male character which is the LEAST "Patriarchal" "family patriarch". He's such a Beta male that he spends most of the episodes mumbling. And even after a handful of zombies and a riot he STILL gets upset about his ten son being shown a gun. MUST DIE!

Nick-the Junkie son of his girlfriend. If he wasn't a Junkie he'd be a good group member; he's practical and is willing to see Reality as it is. Unfortunately, he's also a Junkie which means he'll feed even his Mom to the Zombies or Rapists for a fix. Please Die!

I have to admit, as much as I like the show there aren't a whole lot of characters I DO. The best is at the moment a 2ndary character, Daniel who let Travis's bio family shelter in his barber shop during the riots. He's DEFINETLY not impressed by Travis. Madison is almost but she's so controlled by her self-pity and her Junkie son that I don't think she'll "Clue Up" until he dies. Her daughter, Audrey(I think) has potential but everyone is so buzy protecting her(which to the character is new since she's had to raise herself while Mom is spending all her time with the Junkie).
Fanboy Mode Off;>!


I want those "Tutters" out there who are looking down on everyone but Germany(and yes, Hungary is being a "Dick", but that doesn't mean ALL of their complaints are invalid)to THINK how they would Feel if suddenly there were as many "Homeless" in their town as the usual Residents...many of whom are Angry that YOU aren't providing them free Food, Shelter, Medical Care and Transportation. Not all but there are a fair number of Refugees that think that the folks of, let's say Lesbos "Owe Them". This isn't even counting the family farms whose crops have been destroyed and land covered in garbage and Human Waste(unlike America, Eastern Europe is mostly Family Farm not Agribusiness). They didn't do anything.
It's a horrible thing happening and if anyone wants to blame anyone, blame the fukwads in the Bush Whitehouse that started the mess, not those whose lands have been for all intensive purposes been Invaded by folks who, if they'd banded together to fight instead of run would have probably driven off their Invaders and would still have their homeland(s).
Then again, that's an Old-Fashioned way of Thinking. After all, Fighting is something you get other people to do for you. That way you don't get Hurt and you can look down on those that did the Fighting, esp. if they didn't get you all you wanted.....

It ISN'T just "The Person".....

Until today I'd been one of those, when confronting Religious Bigots would say things like, "It's not the religion, it's the person.". Perhaps it was the church after church on our unsuccessful attempt to pick up Chuck's meds(the pharmacist didn't show and it was closed)with the Kentucky Krazy Kristian tapes running in the background but I suddenly realized that ALL the non-Bigoted Christians I've known that didn't belong to the Metropolitan Community Church were Unchurched; they hadn't gone in yrs, if not DECADES.
So, it took a half century;>......
It's been a LOOOOONNNNG time since any new Urban Fantasy books have really caught my Interest(in a good way;>). Sent to my Kindle by my brother, 'WIR' had me finishing it in one go and asking for the 2 following books(another due later this yr I believe).
Set in a world both alien and familiar(Human tech similar to today except airplanes have just been Invented)Namid has been ruled by the Earth Natives since Time Immemorial(as the Human joke goes, "What happened to the Dinosaurs? THEY happened...."). Modern Humanity Evolved around the Mediterranean Sea and has attempted to colonize beyond for centuries....with mixed results. The Others/Earth Natives/Terra Ingenes have survived by adopting the shape of the newest top predator as so to remain the planet's top predator. Some can take the Human form and are the interface between the two Worlds, necessary since all Human lands outside of Europe/Cel-Rommano are Leased and whose residents can be evicted for Breach of Contract....which is basically refusing to provide Goods the Others don't make.
Also, Humanity comes in 3 forms; Ours, Intuits who get "Feelings" which allow them to navigate the dangers of both the Others AND Normal Humans and the Blood Prophets. The latter, descended from the Intuits are women who can tell the Future...after cutting themselves badly enough to scar.
In 'WIR' we are introduced to Meg, a Blood Prophet who runs away from her prison-like care center to the only place Human Law doesn't reach and how her Naïveté and Innocence Changes Humans and Others alike.
Non-Humans that act like it and Humans that, sadly act like Humans.
A great read...all of them so far!


Can someone explain to me how a man throwing a woman and her baby on railroad tracks then HOLDINGB THEM ON IT is "Family Protesting..."?!?! Even if he WAS the husband and father, HE THREW THEM ON A RAILROAD TRACK!?!?!



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