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Well, the only "Good Thing" that's come out after hearing Glasgow's Pride banning Drag performers(they were nice enough to NOT BAN Drag along the parade grounds) due to complaints from the Trans Community is that I no longer consider the UK Gay Community less Fukkt up than that in the States.
I'm soooo glad I've basically become a "Shut-In".


As any one who's read this journal knows, my choice of Entertainment mostly could be classified as "Juvie". Even Adult fare such as 'TDS' and '@M' tend toward not-so-adult humor. There's a reason for this.
My life for most of the last 3 decades have been one "Learning Experience" after another. The LAST thing I want is similar Entertainment. Even my Horror Fare; after all, after more than 4 decades of Metaphysics the VAST MAJORITY of Horror is watching Eejits get what they asked for;>!
Also, "Juvie" fare tends not to be Negatively Cynical. Sardonic, yes, but not a lot of basically messages of Hopelessness, which seems to be "In" with most everything else. While my SIL(and a number of my friends) may Believe that we're all Puppets of everything for Aliens to Various Human(all White and Male of course)and get some "thrill" out trying to support that World View, I have NO INTEREST in reinforcing such Beliefs in my Personal Life.
So I'll watch in my spare time shows where Good People Win, that Evil can be Overcome and that complete and total shites get what they deserve;>....

The Summer Garden....

While early, I can definitely judge this yr's Tomatoes. 'Berkeley Tie-Dye' is the winner for disease resistance, Production and taste. 'Pink Bertua's as usual a decent producer though it's definitely the fav of the Tomato Horned Catterpillar! 'Paul Robeson' has been Blooming for two months and hasn't set a single fruit.
Of the Eggplants; 'Purple Fengyaun' is doing well. It's 1st harvest should be this week. 'Mitoyo' has it's 1st blossoms and the mystery EP hasn't yet. I've already tossed the seeds I'd saved that I grew them out(label lost).
Of the Hot Peppers only 'Peruvian Red Drop' is doing great and Thai Bird. 'Purple Jalapeño' has only produced a single pod.
Complete fails on the Squashes and Melons.
The storms we've had lately broke off one of the new branches of the Yuzu Lemon. Other than that, it and the Persimmon and Ugli Mandarin are doing well. My Jasmine collection is happy here though only Mildred's Sambac(a neighbor when I 1st moved to Hummingbird. Her husband had brought her cuttings in the 50's when he was stationed in the Far East. I have the only surviving plant since when she died her family couldn't be bothered to Water)has Bloomed. My Brugmansia versicolor is covered with buds which is amazing since I brought it like it's dbl relatives as cuttings from Hummingbird. I LOVE this plant from it's (Old Lady Soap) Fragrance to it's pendant Blossoms that change from White to Dark Pink slowly as they age.
Disappointed with the Moonflower Vines though. Maybe it's the streetlamps but they never open till after bedtime and are already folding when I wake up. Next yr we're ordering Japanese Morning Glories. The one I still had seeds for (A Pink and White with Variegated foliage)is doing well so others should as well. The White Black Eyed Susan Vines are doing well but no Blossoms. It's always a krapshute when buying seeds off Ebay. We'll see when they bloom if they're "keepers"....

Series Recommendation, 'Re-Kan!'

It's funny. I'm a hard-core Disaster/Post Apoc Genre fan but I have a soft spot for these very sweet shows;>....
'R-K!' is an Anime about a sweet middle-school girl who has the abilities to perceive and communicate with Spirits of all types. The "twist" is that she is SO SWEET that even the traditionally Woeful Spirits and Ghosts like her AND Protect her. Add in a phone app that allows her friends to "see" them with their smartphones(along with all the physical stuff the Spirits do) and you get something along 'Sabrina the Teenaged Witch', except all she can do is talk...no magic.
To give you a "hint" of the sense of humour of this show in one episode(the 1st actually) she finds out that the cute cat that hangs around the girl's locker room is actually Possessed by the Spirit of a dirty old man with an obsession with their undies and in another the Spirit in 'Ringu'(the one that climbs out of the well on screen and then climbs out of the TV screen) climbs out to chastise an obnoxious kid she's helping babysit.
Strangely Satisfying....

Yes, yes they Are.....

...that stupid. This is what most of us Disaster/Apocalyptic Genre fans tell our friends who are not who constantly tell us that people wouldn't act so stupidly. They would because they DO.
I've lived in 3 earthquake zones(Alaska, California and Turkey). I've rode out 3 hurricanes higher than 2 which made landfall less than 10 miles away from us and 2 (including 'Katrina') within the outer bands of. In ALL of these places most folks NEW and DID NOTHING....even up to the last minute. They'd find excuses NOT to do what needed to be done just to keep doing what they've BEEN.
Sadly, being the "Aware" ones isn't all Beer and Skittles.....mainly because all the Eejits will come begging you for the very stuff you told them they needed to put aside for situations like THIS.
Which is why we decided when we moved that we weren't "playing" this game with our new neighbors.
Pat(Grumpier than normal due to the Heat and Humidity;>)

Hot! Hot! Hot!

We may not have got much of 'Bill's Rain but he certainly pumped enough moisture into the air for us to have Heat Indexes in the upper 90's-lower 100'sF. Needless to say, NOTHING'S getting done outside after 1000;>! We're esp glad we "splurged" this month when we saw fans on sale at Demon's-Mart. It'd be unbearable inside otherwise!

Bad Boys! Bad Boys!....

I admit, I've NEVER understood having a relationship with one. A Fuk or a "Fling", sure. Done it myself a couple of times over the yrs;>.But to expect ANYTHING more from one of these Self-Absorbed Shites, NO.
I think it's harder for Women. After all they have Cultural Memes to do so. Heck, they even have an entire genre(certainly in book form) of "All a Bad Man needs is a Good Woman".....Romance.
Humans are not property you can "Flip". What they are, they are and for those who will inevitably bring up the Exceptions....that's what they ARE.
Accept that, enjoy a bit of Excitement and LEAVE them no after no more than 7 days/dates.
And NEVER leave them alone in your home or with your property.

Near Normality.....

returning to Royal Oaks. Dad is doing better than my brother and SIL thought he would. I felt a man who went to 'Nam x3 because he enjoyed it wasn't going to "pine away", even if it was his Partner of almost 60 yrs.
We've been averaging a family meal once a week though I think Dad's going to force a cut back, pointing out that he's doing well and doesn't need to be "Baby Sat".
Other than that, things are moving to Summer Mode. It's already frikk'n hot and I'm soooo glad the previous owners left a de-humidifier behind;>!Plants may like it but I'm not one.
The garden's doing well. I'd been "whining" about the size of the new home's space but after actually Growing stuff I noticed my space here is about the same as the raised beds I had at Hummingbird. Just no lawn to "deal" with....a Blessing IMMHO.

Mom's Funeral....

We had it yesterday, the Viewing the day before. The V went well, esp. my brother's slideshow of her. Lot's of pics, many that I'd never seen. Well, now I know what I'd have looked like if I did Drag;>...
The F was out on Pensacola NAS at the military cemetery where Dad's to be buried as well. Nice day with limited childish behavior on then part of certain family members(NOT in this household;>).....


Passed last night quietly. I got a "Head's Up" yesterday when I could See her Soul outside of her body with the exception of a string-like bit still attached. The topper was of course waking up and be greeted by Chuck telling me Mom had come by and "Waved Goodbye" to him...
I've seen a number of people Pass(both as a loved one and as a nurse) and she had one of the best.



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