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Hot! Hot! Hot!

We may not have got much of 'Bill's Rain but he certainly pumped enough moisture into the air for us to have Heat Indexes in the upper 90's-lower 100'sF. Needless to say, NOTHING'S getting done outside after 1000;>! We're esp glad we "splurged" this month when we saw fans on sale at Demon's-Mart. It'd be unbearable inside otherwise!

Bad Boys! Bad Boys!....

I admit, I've NEVER understood having a relationship with one. A Fuk or a "Fling", sure. Done it myself a couple of times over the yrs;>.But to expect ANYTHING more from one of these Self-Absorbed Shites, NO.
I think it's harder for Women. After all they have Cultural Memes to do so. Heck, they even have an entire genre(certainly in book form) of "All a Bad Man needs is a Good Woman".....Romance.
Humans are not property you can "Flip". What they are, they are and for those who will inevitably bring up the Exceptions....that's what they ARE.
Accept that, enjoy a bit of Excitement and LEAVE them no after no more than 7 days/dates.
And NEVER leave them alone in your home or with your property.

Near Normality.....

returning to Royal Oaks. Dad is doing better than my brother and SIL thought he would. I felt a man who went to 'Nam x3 because he enjoyed it wasn't going to "pine away", even if it was his Partner of almost 60 yrs.
We've been averaging a family meal once a week though I think Dad's going to force a cut back, pointing out that he's doing well and doesn't need to be "Baby Sat".
Other than that, things are moving to Summer Mode. It's already frikk'n hot and I'm soooo glad the previous owners left a de-humidifier behind;>!Plants may like it but I'm not one.
The garden's doing well. I'd been "whining" about the size of the new home's space but after actually Growing stuff I noticed my space here is about the same as the raised beds I had at Hummingbird. Just no lawn to "deal" with....a Blessing IMMHO.

Mom's Funeral....

We had it yesterday, the Viewing the day before. The V went well, esp. my brother's slideshow of her. Lot's of pics, many that I'd never seen. Well, now I know what I'd have looked like if I did Drag;>...
The F was out on Pensacola NAS at the military cemetery where Dad's to be buried as well. Nice day with limited childish behavior on then part of certain family members(NOT in this household;>).....


Passed last night quietly. I got a "Head's Up" yesterday when I could See her Soul outside of her body with the exception of a string-like bit still attached. The topper was of course waking up and be greeted by Chuck telling me Mom had come by and "Waved Goodbye" to him...
I've seen a number of people Pass(both as a loved one and as a nurse) and she had one of the best.

Mom Update.....

Friday we took her and her sister Liz out to one of the restaurants on the Gulf for lunch. Perfect weather, even a pod of Dolphins for her last trip out.
She's foggy, occasionally coherent as expected. basically, the only pain she's in is that caused by ignoring my suggestions around bedrest and sitting. So what else is new....
One Good Thing is that after yrs of ignoring my medical expertise the family is LISTENING. My brother is even realizing that Conflict Avoidance isn't always the best choice. We'll see if this is a limited change. I think this will really depend on what happens today when he contacts Hospice since he's been letting Dad do most of the interaction and he's in mid-stage Alzheimer's! Dad told him he'd got them to schedule NA's then caught him calling the wrong company last night.
Mom's in little Pain and hopefully will continue to Fade Peacefully over the rest of the week. Yesterday was her 86th B-day.....

Party On!

We had Mom's b-day a week earlier because her sister was in town this week. She did pretty well, except for being impatient, but that's normal for her;>. Their old neighbors came by as well which was esp nice since Steve and Jeanne Anne had basically Adopted my parents(or the other way around)and had been living next door since the late 80's.


Starting Monday we begin Hospice for Mom. Her Doc had us all come in to the hospital yesterday(and for an MD to do something on a weekend showed it was serious)to give what, when I was still working as a Nurse as the "That's It" Talk. If it was just her kidneys, she could live for years on Dialysis but with her Congestive Heart Failure added to it, the best she could hope for is maybe a yr of misery. So she chose to stop Dialysis and let Nature take it's course.
Personally, my only fear is that Mom's, well a "wimp". She's never had much tolerance of discomfort of ANY kind. If she think's she's uncomfortable now, when the Toxins build up in her system OR/AND when the fluids build up in her lungs she'll be much more so. I think she's got the whole "Peaceful Leavetaking" thing in her head and as someone who used to do Hospice Nursing....that isn't always the case. Also, both her and my SIL keep thinking they'll be basically keeping her "high". Neither CHF or Renal Failure are diseases that Opiates are generally prescribed. But, as I've known for YRS, no one takes me seriously.
Both Chuck and I are OK with her Choice. She's had a GREAT Life(1st Woman EMT in Utah, World Traveler, etc)and has nothing to look forward to except bedrest until Leavetaking. For someone who was Tap and Belly-Dancing in her late 60's and was still Dancing until her late 70's this level of Inactivity is Unacceptable to her.
How long Dad sticks around AFTER is another thing. No one in the family thinks it'll be very long. They've been Married almost 60 yrs after all....

Me Likey;>.......

...Royal Oaks. I have to admit, this City Boy LOVES this particular "burb". Built in the early 80's, the developer wanted to keep a "Natural" feel to the development(which was aimed then to Northerners who wanted a Winter home and Retirees that wanted at least a mild Winter) so trees were removed only from places where foundations or roadways were to be built. This gave you homes in small clumps surrounded by Oak woods. A couple of small dams on a couple creeks created small shallow lakes where kids could swim and birds could nest(catering to the Birding Community is a big business here). The oldest sections, like ours are small clumps of attached bungalows. While there is no large Wildlife here, small abounds. I have turtles, toads and frogs off my bedroom. Various bird species(the major ones in my yard are Woodpeckers and Cardinals, though there are Doves, Robins and Bluejays)and Squirrels fill the trees and just within walking distance(for me in my Walker) is one of those lakes with Cranes and Egrets fishing for those frogs. Today we had a flock of migrating Geese.
While I don't have all the conveniences that I did over at Hummingbird Home(Asian markets, Home Depot, Sam's Club), the pluses greatly outweigh the minuses....

Channeling Esther Williams;>.....

Wet! Wet! Wet! Luckily, like on Hummingbird, Royal Oaks is on the highest ground in the area. It just means we once again get to be on an island;>.Thankfully, no major Flooding in our area. The Toads hanging out in my Carnivorous Plants are happy though;>.
Gardening is sort of on hold until we get some dry days, which is unfortunate since I could really use a distraction from my folks. They're both at the "Terrible Twos" stage of Senility making pretty much EVERYTHING a screaming match. I HAD taken over their Meds but Friday they decided not to be available and when I went over Saturday, Mom was ONCE AGAIN pouring theirs 3 weeks in advance. Using a Med list that's been out of date for 3 months. I switched it for the updated one and got tired of the yelling and let her do it with my supervision. So, something that would have taken me 5 minutes max took an hr. Right now I'm picking Mom up from Dialysis on Wednesdays. Dad takes her on her days and brings her home on Monday. When my brother's in town he's been picking her up on Fridays but some weeks he doesn't get home until Friday night, which means I get a last minute call. Just a bit Stressful;>!
Blood Sugars are still not where I want them to be either. What's Irritating is that they really haven't changed even though we've upped the Insulin from 12 to 22 Units. 136ish to 129ish. Grumble, Grumble.
Got the 1st Utility bills for Ro this month. Water was about what I expected since we don't have a well here for Irrigation. Power wasn't bad but it was for a period with little need for Heat OR A/C. NOT looking forward to Summer's Bills!



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