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So, we drove over to FWB for Chuck's Jury Duty. He's been on one before after his Head Injury so whenever they come up....he wants to go. Thankfully, they only needed 100 folks and Chuck was #104;>. 109 made it kind of fun. A GQ Chris Hardwick look-alike "Sister" with pretty much the same sense of humour. Sadly, for the woman who came in a "Walk of Shame" outfit, her # was under 100;>.....


FINALLY found a place with good Cabbage Kimchee for sale! Not as good as my old store but pretty close. It's something I can't make; too many ingredients NOT available locally(it's hard enough in a city finding fermented shrimp, try the Sticks;>!). The old place used oysters instead which I reeeaaallly liked, though the shrimp is pretty good too. It's probably good that the ingedients for a really good authentic Kimchee isn't available with Chuck not big on the smell of the finished product;>....

Collecting vs Landscaping....

is a choice I'm going to have to make. The old place there wasn't but when you have growing space the size of two bedrooms, you DO. Really, with the exception of bulbs and seeds, everything here was brought from Hummingbird. And some, frankly doesn't work as Landscape.
If I was to do landscape, I'd have to remove at least a third of the plants to make a pleasing design. Some how I can't see the guy who has a hard time tossing clippings doing so;>. So probably a collection space; not esthetically pleasing but full of wonderous plants.
Two new plants I want to try are Aporophyllums(a hybrid jungle cacti)and Sobralia(a terrestrial orchid). Both would be part of those that need to be protected from Frosts and Freezes. Epidendrums(Reed Orchids) and Plumerias did well in FWB so they'll do fine here, with a little protection...


Which for many folks is NOT the attitude toward EOTWAWKI but somehow so me;>. Both observations and Sight don't give me much hope for Humanity. Now, I don't see/See Extinction(for one, we exist in too many biomes and too many isolated communities that it'd take a Dinosaur Killer to get rid of us)but our present civilization?
It's too resource and maintenance dependent for a species that is so stingy and lazy. There was an example locally where a neighboring town cut taxes so much that they couldn't even replace street lights when they burned out, let alone fix pot-holes. Folks STILL "bitched" about taxes even then. Sadly, it took the business community who was losing tourist dollars to "ram" through tax legislation so at least the lights stayed on(amazing how tourists don't like walking down dark unfamiliar streets;>....). Watching both local and world events I don't see much more than a couple of decades left.
But then there is ennui. Neither of us have long lifespans or kids. My brother's are so Modern that they've disowned their parents because they gave them everything they wished for and didn't "prepare" them for the "real world". Seeing them hunt for rats to feed their kid in Portland doesn't particularly bother me(I don't See the boy surviving at all. He's the type that when the grid goes will sit and sit and die waiting for someone else to fix it...). None of the really bad stuff will happen till both of us are gone so it doesn't really affect us. And Honestly, I think I'll do fine in an agricultural or even Hunter-Gatherer culture for future Incarnations. Heck, if it wasn't for the Diabetes, I could survive without aids meds for more than a decade foraging for me and Chuck in this one;>

The Summer Garden....

It's kinda odd. This is the least Culinary garden I've had since I moved to Florida. No Veg, just Herbs and Ornamentals. Sure, there are 3 fruit trees but;>....
The Galangal's still not doing great here. Back In FWB it was in the ground so when I repot next Spring I'll try adding sand into the potting mix. The Turmeric is doing GREAT! Last yr all I was able to salvage after the Freeze(the worst in over a decade)was half a tuber. This yr it's done very well. Probably enough not only to cook with but to share.
The Chaya and Longevity Spinach LOVE our weather, so much so that I had to get rid of the latter since it had become invasive. While the Chaya grows well, it's a shrub and easier to control than a rampant groundcover that roots whenever a stem touches soil. Also, everyone likes it. I was the only one that would eat the LS and only in salads.
My attempt to grow Lavender her is so-so. I found and article onling on growing it in the Deep South and am trying it(containerized, well-draining and limed). The Spanish is doing well but has only bloomed once this yr. The English hasn't DIED. There's supposed to be a cultivar that does well in Heat and Humidity, 'Phenomenon' but is expensive. Maybe next yr. The Wal-Mart Rosemary's doing ok but compared to the ones I grew in FWB, it's sad. 'Course, those were seedlings from a nursery that was going out of business and had survived almost a yr of neglect;>.
Of the Ornamentals, this is the last yr for most of the Hellebores. No bloom this Winter-Spring, they're OUT. I'm going to have to thing the Persecarias. They're crowding out everything in the Shade areas.I'm also going to have to move the Bamboo Muly Grass. It's just too frikk'n BIG. I'll pot it up this Fall and put it in front of the carport. It's a gorgeous plant and much softer looking than the clumping Bamboos but very rare. Luckily I got it from another plant geek;>.
Almost all of my Fall/Winter planting seeds have arrived and will start Stratifying some of them next week. From old regional gardening books I've learned that a lot of Biannuals do well here started in late Summer indoors,then planted outside when the weather moderates. They get a couple months before the Frost comes. They then act as adult plants in the Spring....

Medical Mayhem;>!

You'd think that an area with so many Retireds that it'd be easy to get a doctor who takes just Medicare....and you'd be WRONG. The problem is that our Retireds here are well off and the Medicals cater to them. Legally, they're required to take a number of Medicare-only clients. This means you're waiting for someone to DIE. And since there's no queue, you just repeat call and hope you catch an office just after they've been notifed one of their Medicare patients have passed. For the last 3 yrs I've had no luck for Chuck. I'd be in the same boat except I was "lucky" enough to have aids/hiv and the State WILL cover us Medicare Cootie Carriers through the health dept. We've joked about me Infecting him but I wouldn't put him through the crap I've gone through. So, we annoy the docs at the clinic he's been treated for Panic Disorder for the last decade for things like BP meds. I'm making it a point his next apt to go in with him if possible because I know he's just telling her "Fine". And he's NOT.
In the last yr he's developed Short-Term Memory Loss and his OCD tendencies are getting worse. He's also losing his temper more. Sadly, it's probably just the combo of normal aging to his damaged brain(he's a Head Trauma Survivor). Healed tissue isn't as strong as uninjured.
Not much to do except what we do; go to "Doc-N-A-Box" for acute moderate problems and the ER for the rest.
Like most of Poor America.....


Unlike the previous times I've renewed work with the Runes(EF or AFF)I've gone to the books. This time I decided to use the notes I've taken over the decades of previous work with them.
Going through the files I found more than I thought was there; old workshop handouts(mine an those I attended), notebooks written over a period of 2 decades, even Marion's Nordic Goddesses notes(sadly, didn't find a copy of her work of the Gods. It was lost along with a LOT of stuff on an unbacked up computer yrs ago).
It's been Interesting in the extreme reading the results of Trancework, Meditation, etc esp. on each stanza of the Runepoems. I esp liked that of Fehu; a herd of Aurochs crossing a river and that same herd forced to remain on the same ground. One tills and enriches the Land, the other poisons Land, Water and Air.....
In some ways it's sad because it shows what could have been if we'd stayed in the Bay Area where I would have had both further education of the subject AND growth personally from Teaching. I gave that up here 'cause I got tired of "splaining" that there is NO REASON for a Blank Runestone........

Focus part II;>.....

Usually, when I get an Impulse to do Runework, I grab a bunch of books from my personal stash of "Woo" Lit. This time, I've decided to work with my workbooks; Meditations, Classes, workshops that I've attended OR run, etc.
The "Good Thing" about hardcopy materials is that an electrical storm can't erase a couple of decades worth of work(well, unless the house gets hit and it burns;>). The Not So is that unlike a Word file, you can't C&P ALL the work on a single Runestave, in Temporal Order. You have to "dig" and almost 3 decades can build up a fair "pile";>! The "gem" however could be finding material that might be Useful at present or near future.
My BIGGEST problem is that until the "teens" I dated everything in code:
Yrs from Birth
Date till
I got in the habit back in my Wiccan days but at least lost the Theban;>!
Other than that(and dealing with my handwriting;>), it's not bad and it'll certainly be Interesting to see what I got out of each Rune over the decades....


So, while the poop was hitting the vents Tuesday, as my want I did a Runecasting. Not all that Useful 'cause it basically said, "The Shit has hit the Fan". Duh;>! For the rest of the day Runes kept popping up in my thoughts. Not surprisingly, during my shower I got what I call a "Voiceover" where I Hear _____(fill in the Blank; Subconscious, Higher Self, Voice of Deity, etc). It said, "Time to Focus".
Since the late 90's I've been using both the Elder Futhark and Anglo-Frisian Futhorc(though Honestly more the EF). I've done a lot of Work with both over the passing decades. I've filled a few notebooks with stuff. Never had any interest in the Younger Futhark and the Armanen? Don't think So.
I don't know how much time I have left on Midgard(at least a decade, maybe more) so I think that was a push to get more serious. So my AF Runestaves have been put away and my EF stavesets are out where they can be used. My favs are a Copper EF and an EF carved into Snowflake Obsidian. My more traditional sets are those risted into Yew, Holly and Antler though I'm more "tuned" to my Copper set.


So....my meds were SUPPOSED to ship yesterday and be here TODAY. That includes my Insulin. Last dose was YESTERDAY. Called the company(since I ALWAYS get a text from shipping to look for them on delivery day and didn't get one yesterday) and they said Insurance wouldn't let them ship something until today(and they weren't going to pay for 2 shippings).
No Insulin today and IF I got my MD to do an emergency, that would invalidate this month's through the company and I'd get stuck paying full price.
What I can do is DIET today and dbl my oral antidiabetics until it gets here tomorrow AM. Won't die but will probably feel like crap tonight....