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Rant! -ish;>

I'm a religious Heathen. I came to the understanding back in the late 80's when I used to go to Free Spirit Gathering in Maryland. There was a group that caused all sorts of dissent, The Religious Pagans. I went to one of their workshops and found myself "Converted";>.
As was pointed out to me that, even though "religion/ous" had a negative connotation in the alt-rel community, it was accurate for a fair portion of our community in that religious people hold their Beliefs strongly and deeply. "Spiritual", to oft meant shallow and superficial because often, it WAS. Myself, I had a pretty easy marker for whether you were a R or an S. If you considered your Rites less important than your entertainments. An when I lived in the Bay Area, I was pretty shocked to find out how many chose the latter.
One of the last times I went to FSG they were thinking of banning the RP because they were so "Divisive". Apparently, those that only Practiced when it was convenient AND when someone else did the Work thought that those who took their Ways seriously were being "Elitist".
I admit to being a bit Elitist. I DO see myself as better than those that do little study and work. 'Course, early on in my Path I found out I had aids and so I didn't know how long I'd be Incarnated to do the Work needed in this Lifespan. Others figured they had yrs, if not decades to go beyond the metaphysical equivalent of "See Spot Incarnate. See him Evolve";>. So, I admit that maybe I was a bit rough on those who thought SCA or AD&D were more important than Sabbats, let alone Esbats(back in the early 80's when I found out I had the "Gift that keeps on Giving" I was of an Alexanderian-derived Wiccan coven). Not much better today either;>!
One of the many things that comes with age is Intolerance of various types. Most of mine deal with Waste; Of Time, Of Resources, Of Knowledge. You can imagine how I feel about the States Presidential Election;>!
Even folks my age act as if they have plenty of time to "Get It"(whatever the "It" for them may be). A fair amt will find themselves Expiring without getting past the Intro of their last shiny object Spiritually. That's their choice but I'm not interested anymore in being "supportive" or even pretending Interest to be NICE.
I'm tired.

Early Voting.....

started today in our county. We figure we'll wait till next week to avoid the Partisan rush;>. Normally, we don't "do" EV but this yr we just want it OVER. Even low-cal TV has been Invaded and being a Deep Red area, you can imagine. What's frightening to me is how many women by their words or bumperstickers want to inflict physical violence.
Oh well.


Well it's that time again to think about metaphysical projects for the coming yr. One's already in progress since Marion's started a Voluspa discussion group on DW.
Usually, I already have an idea of a couple by now but this yr nothing's jumping out at me. Oddly enough the closest to one is a Feeling about Seeing, something that is in general the LEAST practical metaphysical abilities.
For the last 3 and a half decades, I've been pointing out that the most Glamorous(in both meanings)of Gifts can be the most dangerous. It's not physically harmful but certain mindsets can find themselves Lost. Not like body without attendant personality ala movies but find it more Interesting than Generally Perceived Reality and lose relationships and jobs, sometimes ending up one of those mumbling on the streets. Just before we left there was a member of our group that was fairly on her way to such; sending hrs trying to decipher the "Deeper Meanings" of the actions of the metaphysical equivalents of squirrels and pigeons. Very little of the Otherworld is Profound, just like Midgard but folks tend to assume that ANYTHING without a physical form is somehow "Highly Evolved"(tm, pat-pending).
But I'm retired and if I decide to spend a yr "Birdwatching", it's OK. I'm finally realizing everything doesn't HAVE to have a practical use. Heck, I even have a physical birdfeeder to watch actual birds;>....


Less worried now about an "Annoying Orange" administration and more what His Devotees will do if He doesn't(like my brother Gary and his Militia "buds"). The damage He's already done to the reputation of America's elector process will last long beyond his remaining hair will keep a Weave.....

The Fall Season....

So far, I've stopped watching all but 2 of the Fall season of TV that's within my Interest and one of those is close to being knocked off it's season pass;>. They're all pretty sad, though there's a couple of midseason replacements('Emerald City' and 'Midnight Texas') that look good.
The only one that MIGHT be a "keeper" is 'The Good Place'. This surreal sitcom about the Afterlife is kinda fun, though the whole premise is flawed(she'll never learn enough to be Worthy while the one that is is trapped in "The Bad Place"). The idea that the Afterlife is created and run by Immortal bureaucrats who've never been Human and only have a superficial knowledge of what we are...
The only other new one I'm still watching is 'Aftermath', mainly because like a car wreck on the side of the road I can't look away. Maybe if the aunt and two of the kids get eaten by a dragon or something it'd be more watchable....

Getting Ready for Winter.....

Time to clear out, clean up and throw out;>:

Toss-The Golden Dewdrop, Almond Bush and 2 of the Brugmansias(Salmon and Pink Perfecktion). The 1st two because while they have nice looking, nice smelling blossoms, they don't have many. Not worth the space. The Brugs are dbls and they've never produced any blossoms that didn't look like used Kleenex. A White Dbl does the same in high Summer but the rest of the yr produced lovely Pom-poms scented like Magnolia.Also, a Torch Ginger that's HUGE but has NEVER bloomed in 6 yrs. I guess our seasons are too short....

Clearing up/out-The Lankonese Liy and the Crocosmia 'George Davidson'. Both have been VERY healthy and vigorous both here and back on Hummingbird. The LL is an 8' tall Cream pendant Lily with Purple splashes and has multiplied quite well, forming a clump. The Crocosmia has Chrome Yellow Sprays of blossoms in SUmmer and soft, sword-shaped leaves that fold over, forming what looks like a Green wave.

Cleaning out-The Citrus trees and the White Turk's Cap. All need serious Pruning;>.

In addition, I'm collecting seeds from my White Cypress Vine and my Japanese Imperial Morning Glories. Lots from the former and a s%$tload still in green pods.

Looking forward to my Spring order of Fall planted bulbs to arrive, probably next month!
zone 8 Florida Panhandle

Series Recommendation, 'Freakish'.....

This Hulu Original series serious version of 'Detention of the Dead' is surprisingly good.
During Saturday Detention the town sirens leak warning of the town business chemical plant goes off. Explosions felt in the shelter has all but the Detention crowd(plus teacher) and good girl remaining. Not long after a green/brown cloud blocks the sun and those who left return, ill from the material inhaled.
Pretty good drama and probably more realistic of human behavior in such circumstances. And a main character named Grover;>!


I'm glad Marion's started a Voluspa discussion group on DW. It and Havamal are IMO the two most important poems of the Lore and really should be read by anyone Interested in ACTUAL pre-Christian European Spiritual material...
Fall has FINALLY come to The Dangly Bits. It's soooo nice to have the windows open, esp. since the Osmanthus in the back yard is blooming. The scent of ripe Apricots is incredible!
Finally surrendered to the inevitable and got bifocals. Can't comfortably use them for Reading books but for everything else....good. Don't know why I kept refusing;>.
Chuck has good and bad days. We're pretty sure he had a small Stroke last yr. Thankfully, other than an occasional Balance and Short Term Memory problems he's doing well. Well, other than he keeps finding excuses for Walking with me in the AM. Ever since the pool closed, he's not been getting much Exercise. I told him I'm going to force him out after DST since one complaint is that it's not Light enough when I prefer to Walk;>.

President Trump....

No, not a Metaphysical "Thang" but one that talking to my Progressive friends has me Believing. I "get" still Voting for the Green candidate. It's pretty much a religious thing for those folks but JOHNSON!?!?!@! Jeeez, Chuck only watches the low-cal news for the weather and knows more than this guy.
No, I don't like Clinton. Then again, I can't remember voting for a presidential candidate I DID. I've ALWAYS had to vote for the "Lesser Evil" and She IS this rotation.
The sad thing, my friends'll be the biggest "Bitchers" if "Annoying Orange" does win AND will take NO responsibility for assisting him....just like they did when they voted for Nader.


Well, Fall is finally here in The Dangly Bits. Days in the low 80'sF and Night's in the 50's and 60's. We've been able to keep the windows open for 3 days;>!
The Hummingbirds finally showed up last month on their way back to Mexico. The White Flowered Cypress Vines are popular with both the Hummers and the Bees. The cats have been enjoying the Treefrogs that hang out on the windows, though I could do without the nasty gunk on the glass....both frog slime and cat snot;>.
We ended up with a bit of emergency redecorating this weekend. Now that my brother's family is just a couple doors down and "Downsized" from a home for 4 people(the kids are long graduated from college)they had some dining room chairs as well as some paintings they'd picked up while Cruising that they gave us. It's nice to have tasteful and wealthy relations! Hand-Me-Downs are almost always better than what we'd afford ourselves.
Almost finished with the plants I started Indoors to plant out for Winter and next Spring. Got all but some Foxglove and Columbine in the garden. It's going to look nice....