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Soooo, I've seen two episodes and Honestly, I liked them better than the 1st 2 of 'TWD' and I was already a fan of the Graphic Novels. Still, fandom is filled with Bitching; basically that in those 2 episodes there "wasn't enough Action and Carnage".
1:It's set at the Beginning. Like TODAY. While Trump's Followers may be called Zombies;>.....
2: E-1 5 killed, E-2 Killed onscreen and a full-blown Riot.

When THAT isn't considered Action and Violence, no wonder folks say today's generation is Hard.

Personally, I find the main complaint what I like, that there is much dialogue and character development. Sure, the Heroin Addict son is a bit Over The Top but switch it to Meth or Liquor and this really IS the average American family.
Actually, I like the Junkie better than the whiney, self-centered son of the main character....though I'm pretty sure who's going to be "snacks"...

General Rant(caused from mult experiences)

Humans, Individually are Intelligent, Thoughtful creatures. Unfortunately, those qualities decrease as their numbers INCREASE. "K" in the 1st 'MIB' had it RIGHT. This is why Change comes ONLY from Individuals or small groups(families of ANY type. Even a Coven is too many...as ANYONE whose actually BEEN in one Knows;>). "Trickle Down" doesn't WORK no matter what the platform.
One thing I find Amusing about the Disaster Genre is in general they show this. Heck, every time Rick's group on 'TWD' gets more folks, things blow apart;>! Or actual ones like "The Yr of Breaking Wind". It wasn't just NOLA that "got it". Certainly in the 1st couple of weeks it was individuals and small groups helping other individuals and small groups. 'Course, that's not how the Media "spun" it.
This Human Dynamic is why I don't "buy" Conspiracies". A handful COULD keep a secret, more than that?!?! Esp. today. TOTAL BS. Folks should stop the whole Conspiracy crap and just realize that the world is full of Arseholes doing BS.


I admit, I don't "get" the appeal of Trump. He's a bigoted blowhard with the emotional stability of a tween girl(I mean, "Twitter Wars" for someone over 22?!?). 'Course, it shows me sadly that there are a lot of folks like him, just when you thought Americans were Evolving.
Not too thrilled if Biden enters the race NOW. Where the Fuck was he months ago(before his son was ill and his death). Now, all he'll do is make the Dems more like the Reps; a big mess.
Considering I've never forgiven her husband's Betrayal of the GLBT community my interest in Hillary is nothing more than "Not _____". I'd have LOVED Biden instead.....a couple months ago.
Truthfully, I'm sort of in the "Don't Care" space. I'll probably be around for maybe another decade and have no kids. And since my niece and nephew have grown up proper products of the 90's that they probably STILL don't know their Grandmother died....I'm not particularly worried upon their behalf's.
Bring on the Apocalypse! Mother Earth needs Compost!

Fanboy Mode AGAIN;>......

So, watched the 1st episode of 'FTWD'. I didn't want to watch it before bed so I recorded it. That meant I saw the reviews before...which weren't that Impressed.
Funny thing, all those who didn't like it complained there wasn't enough Action/Violence. DUH!!!!!!!! It's set near the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. Personally, I liked it a lot, though I'm Hoping the Junkie son gets "munched" soon(which promos for future episodes looks like)...way too annoying. And let's face it, if you can't handle Life Now, you certainly aren't going to when the Dead Rise......
At least there's no Spielberg-esque "Wise Brat" type. Sooo OVER that CRAP.

That New(to us;>) Car Feeling!

Since Mom Passed, Dad is now Driving her car and so the PTB's have traded our old truck for a more recent Jeep. A truck really wasn't practical for us anyway. My brother'll use it when he is in town since his wife Feels deeply proprietory towards theirs. And ince they're STILL working on the folk's old home, having it will be more Useful than Sandi's SUV.
Pulled out the old seatcovers and carpets; "Fabrezed" EVERYTHING(an almost 80 YO "Time Taylor" has been driving it for a decade;>)yesterday and today replaced said materials and Blessed it.
Now, if I can just figure out the hood release;>.....

Series Recommendation, 'Silver Spoon'....

Not 'Silver Spoons', the 80's sitcom;>...
Hachiya is a young man from Tokyo whose "Tiger Parents" have driven him to escape by transferring to an Agricultural high boarding school. While a typical 'Fish out of Water" story, the cultural twists as well as the underlying Sweetness makes it worth watching. One of those differences is situations where if an American show would end up with the character becoming or at least sympathetic toward Vegetarianism end up with the character appreciating their food MORE. Very surprisingly having the sort of discussions on food, production and processing(often showing both sides)you don't se outside of documentaries...

Fanboy Mode;>......

So, in a couple weeks the show I've been anticipating for the last yr debuts, 'Fear the Walking Dead'. So far from the promos it looks good. Starting about the time 'TWD' does without a 4-5 week Coma, it follows an LA family's experiences. From what has been released it pretty much follows what most of us Post-Apoc Genre fans figure how quickly things fall apart. Add in an "Illogical" cause and you have folks ignoring their eyes for what they Believe...in other words, Our Reality;>......

Thank The God/desses!

2 counties over there's been a triple Homicide with Ritual Intent and the "person Of Interest" is, as the Sheriff put it, "a person of a religion called Wiccan".
The subject line comment is because the local coven DIDN'T send the usual Body Modification Aficionado in a cape and 20# of ugly Silver jewelry. Just a "Regular Guy". Not as eloquent as I'd prefer but at least he didn't undermine himself by visually re-enforcing the Haters by looking like someone who probably WOULD Sacrifice 3 people on a Blue Moon.....

Reality Bites!

Being a horribly Cynical person, I was of course Amused by the SHOCK! some are having about Caitlin Jenner's Politics. Uh....She spent the last 6 decades as a Rich White Man. That World View is going to take more than a sexual reassignment to change, yet SOOOOOO many folks just assumed that it WOULD.
She used to be a Male Jock, a sub-species of Homo sapiens not Known for their Introspection;>.
Luckily for her she's a Rich, well-liked celeb. Most Transexuals AREN'T and their Experiences tend to make them at least Aware the Universe isn't FAIR. Only Time will tell if Miss Jenner's Experiences AS a Trans Woman teach her about a world where not everyone is there to serv(ice) YOU.....


Well, the only "Good Thing" that's come out after hearing Glasgow's Pride banning Drag performers(they were nice enough to NOT BAN Drag along the parade grounds) due to complaints from the Trans Community is that I no longer consider the UK Gay Community less Fukkt up than that in the States.
I'm soooo glad I've basically become a "Shut-In".



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