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Mae Govannen!

So, thanks to 'Michael I had to intentionally watch news again and it was worse than when I stopped back in 2016. So my brain skittered way down the "rabbit hole' and I began escaping into Tolkien's Legendarium.
Back when I was a kid I learned Tengwar, the Writing system but obviously half a century of disuse makes it pretty much a fresh experience;>! Other than what was in the 4 books, there wasn't (at least to me) enough to learn even a Kindergarten level ability in what I now know to be 3rd Age Grey Elf Sindarin.
After dealing with the writing styles of most of the modern riters his is a bit hard to get into but once you catch the "rhythm", it's quite beautiful.
There's certainly more Useful ways to spend time but here at the end of the Noram Commonocracy( what LE Modessit Jr's books call our time;>), beautiy is it's own reward.


Fall is coming little by little to "The Dangly Bits". Mornings are often Cool, the Sunlight is HOT and those deciduous plants that Color up are beginning to do so. The Beauty Berries along the drive are in their early Glory, in a couple weeks the leaves will turn Yellow to bring their display up a notch.
The Annuals mostly are gone and the Perennials into Dormancy, though a few hang on and I wish they would...they look so ratty;>!
It won't be long till my gardens' wildlife shift to Winter mode. I probably have one more Feeding for the Hummingbirds and won't put out the Sunflower seeds or the suet until after Thanksgiving. The baby Box turtles(my front courtyard usually as a nest every yr)are mostly gone except for one female the size of a card deck. The toads as well. The tree frogs, skinks and Anoles are still abundant.
It looks like my Persimmon gets another yr to prove itself. The fig I ordered won't be bearing for at least another yr so it won't go into the chipper over the Winter....this yr. That's the difficulty of limited space, you have to be "cruel" at times....you don't have the space to keep everything!.
The cats love this time of yr because we can have the sliding glass doors open leaving the screens to keep them in. It can get amusing with a ft long Skink in my front courtyard that likes to Sun in front of the window and realizes that the cats can't get at him/her. It must be the species 'cause there's a smaller one(about 6") that does the same in the bedroom courtyard.

FTWD; The Last Season?

When 'Fear the Walking Dead' was 1st announced, it was touted as covering just before, during and just after The Fall...at least the 1st season. Well, they didn't lie but they really fukt it up as far as I was considering. The 1st season ends at the same time in TWD that Shane and Lori see Atlanta firebombed.
The 1st couple of episodes were great and then on the night of the LA riot we switch the next episode to military control of their suburb. Could have cared less about the BS of "Evil Gummit" for the rest of the season...
The next 2 seasons were pretty "meh" with few characters I cared about. Except for Alicia, the rest of the original cast pretty much were killed of until this season she's the only one left.....and we NOW have Morgan from TWD. He also wants to take the new cast to Alexandria. Which means we'll have one show.
Sadly, FTWD lost my support the 1st season. Personally, I would have loved a show that spent a couple seasons building up and then dealing with the Apocalypse but it didn't happen so I just watched when there was nothing else.
TWD new season looks good at the moment but I doubt the show can keep on building up and exploring. It'll do what most shows do, wallow in Politics, Conspiracies and Backstabbing....which is why I spend so much time watching Anime;>.


Everything's ok., just some wind /tree damage;things knocked over. We're on the L side of the storms so didn't get the full effect. Power may go however since Himself is moving toward the main powerlines for the Panhandle in Georgia....

Moderately Annoyed....

So...yesterday after dinner I get a stressed call from my brother asking me to fill up their gascans for their generator. He is flying back Tuesday(today) but was afraid the stations may be out by then. Thing is, his wife, who's been through all the regional storms since 'Camille' is home. Apparently, she was so hysterical due to something on one of her conspiracy/Trump is the Messiah/etc sites that she couldn't drive.
Honestly, I wouldn't have minded if either had called hrs before...like when WE were stocking up. So here I am with foot drop on one leg and a bumm knee on the other(= bad back) lugging fancy jerry cans to a station that doesn't have a line halfway up the block and then with an angry mob behind me try to figure out how to FILL these fancy cans.
Oh, and Chris forgot that he was going to get our generator worked on a few months ago so....
I'd never heard of this Anime until I saw it reviewed on YouTube and luckily found it available on one of my Streaming services. This one is a doozy and I'll be doing more Spoilers than I normally do for this one. It's from 2015 and was only 12 episodes(which tends to make a lot of US fans skim over)…
At 1st you don't get a CLUE about this show. The opening theme and most of the 1st 2 episodes look like a typical Anime highschool comedy. 4 girls and their club's supervising teacher. It's a visual puzzle.
The main character, Yuki is one of those annoyingly cheerful characters always found in "Slice of Life" highschool shows. From her POV everything is bright, cheerful and clean. It isn't until you pay attention to the POV of the other 3 girls and you begin to understand something's WRONG. Yuki's halls and classrooms are full of kids. They're empty to the others. It isn't until the 2nd episode you realize that their teacher is only visible to Yuki. You find out in 3 that she's had a Psychotic Break and the other girls are going along with it to keep her calm because they're the only survivors of their school after a Zombie outbreak in their town(and probably further since no one's come to rescue them yet)…
Interesting how different folks "deal" with the same experiences AND no adults to tell her to "Look at the Flowers"...


His surgery went well and he's doing well. Actually better than I thought he would, meaning that he was in more pain from his rotten teeth than from having all his teeth pulled. Poor boy....
What a change time makes. When I was a kid our vets NEVER sent home pain meds for our post opped pets. If Chuck's dental surgery is any example, Rocky will be miserable today, uncomfortable tomorrow and pretty much back to normal Monday...

Series Recommendation: 'Earth With'....

Yes, another title that doesn't translate well into English;>….
When I 1st saw this offered on my streaming service I ignored it because I'm not a "Mecha" kinda guy, even if they were kewl and surreal. Then I read a review by an Anime blogger that has similar tastes to me and decided to try it. And like he said, it doesn't start to "click" until the 3rd episode. This one takes the traditional Mecha trope of Aliens invading and Humans fighting them with giant humanoid robots mixes it with a shitload of Irony and Philosophy.
It starts when you realize that the Aliens are on the side of Peace and Love and the Humans are defending them against such things with biotech taken from the Destroyer of not only a Sentient race but an entire biosystem. Add in Weapons that look like giant toys that when destroyed turn into cottonballs and when they do they give everyone in the blast radius dreams that fill their heart's needs. Then there are spaceships that look like giant cats and dogs and you have a prime series for the Imbiber or just with a twisted sense of humor like me;>….


Like a lot of families post 2016 election, ours is divided. On one side there's us and my brother Chris. On the other my SIL Sandi and my brother Gary. Our side just doesn't Engage. The other? Needless to say, we're all learning Patience. It's the most hard for Chris because his wife isn't just a Trumper, she's a Trumpitarian. That's my term for Trumpers who see Him as a Spiritual Power or Messenger. And Chris is on the Atheist side of Agnostic. Think Vulcan with a sense of Humor. To him, his wife's political beliefs are bordering on Mental Illness. Gary is what I call a Trumplette, basically a Trump MiniMe. Whet He says, Gary repeats as TRUTH.
Personally? I no longer watch ANY news shows or read newsfeeds(well nf's occasionally;>).The last few yrs have pretty much proved to my satisfaction that Humanity in general and the USA in particular are no longer to be of concern. I hope that things get a touch better so the last yrs of our lives aren't going to be a continuation of the destruction of all the positive things I believed about Humanity but if it at least it's death throws hold off long enough for us all to Pass, I'll be happy with just this....
PT Duffy

Late Summer/Early Fall Garden....

September is a strange time here in "The Dangly Bits". You need to order and start seeds for the Cold season yet it's too hot for them so you germinate them indoors. Fall bulb orders need to be made and the declining Summer annuals and those perennials that fail the climate test need to be cleared out. The bare areas of my lawn are covered with old potting soil from them;>.
All the Morning Glories were a fail this yr. One JIMG did well vegatatively but was a moderate bloomer. I have the Yellow form of Spanish Flag left but it hasn't bloomed and unless it suddenly blooms in the next month it's not getting planted again. The last of the Foxgloves died this week ending their trial. It's actually too late to start the "blooms the 1st yr" cultivars for them to have a chance before the Heat hits next May. Actually, the only Annual I tested this yr that was a success was a White Ageratum.
Of ongoing trails the White form of King's Mantle(a relation of the Lazy Susan Vine) which grows well but doesn't bloom and this is it's 2nd yr. I've grown other members of the family and not only do they grow and bloom well, some are downright Invasive! The White Turk's Cap is "meh" after it's 2nd yr as well. In a larger yard I'd keep it but in mine? The White Maypop is just the opposite; It's too vigorous.
The only Persimmon is starting to show some color. I go back and forth keeping it but after 4 yrs of producing bumper crops and dropping them all (except this yr with 1) I need to be firm with myself. Right now I'm thinking of a Green Ischia Fig which is compact(ish) and it's Green skin tricks the birds. Or maybe a Meiwa Kumquat. Oh Well....