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Payday before last I discovered at Walmart these single service Hummingbird feeders(2 to a pack!)and got a couple. They make much more sense than my usual ones for two reasons:

Hummers are territorial. No more than one at a time will feed anyway

The standard feeders have too big a reservoir, making it too easy to put off cleaning until nearly empty....which can take over a month

Sadly, yesterday I was off by a couple minutes; as I was hanging them in my front courtyard I heard the buzz of one. If I'd just been quicker it'd been up and I wouldn't have scared it away.....
Pat Duffy
Niceville, Fl


Got an email saying a package I was expecting had been delivered Thurs. Wasn't and not on Fri or Sat either. Checked with the USPS and they said someone came in to the office and picked it up.
HOW did they know it was going to be there when I wouldn't? Knowing a thief knows my Ebay business makes me VERY nervous....
May have to stop using it.
Pat(who's disappointed since it was a bday present to myself)


The last order of outdoor plants have arrived and most of the last flat of seeds for the garden are potted up to the size they get put outside. The 'St Patrick' rose(color of a highlighter;>)is blooming so I could put a vase of a single Rose and some yellow Nasturtiums(all with a nice fragrance)in Chuck's den. I'm more of a White Rose kinda guy;>.
The only thing(at present;>) on order for outside is a Sobralia Orchid. It looks like a White Cattleya and is hardy down to z9 1/2 so I can grow it in the garden and just put it in the shed with the other "delicates" when we get a Freeze Warning.
I'm growing a lot more Annuals this yr than previous so it's looking a bit cluttered at the moment. Once everything gets growing, however it'll look like an English Cottage garden.....


For most of my life I've treated Them like I treat Physical Wildlife:
Observe Covertly
Disturb Environment as Little as Possible
Tidy it up from previous Human Incursions as much as possible

A few yrs ago I thought about actual Interaction and did research on the folk beliefs of the last 1st Nation's folk in the area; the Muskogee(Creek). After doing so I put the idea on the backburner for awhile.
Whether due to Xian influences or not, the surviving Lore deal with Beings that for the most part as Indifferent(as in Lovecraftian;>) to outright Hostile to Humans in general and those tribes that hadn't spent generations propitiating Them in particular.
The most common Hostile explained the strange pool at the base of a big Magnolia back on Hummingbird. The general translation into English is Horned Serpent. Petroglyphs and pottery show basically a Rattlesnake with Ram's Horns. They dwell in dark spaces at the bases of trees and in Shadowy Stagnant pools. The cause everything from Bad Luck to Death and everything in between.Add in They're supposed to be as common as regular snakes and...
I've been entertaining the idea of Communication again. I've even both seedcorn so that I can provide pollen for Offerings(I would have preferred a Heirloom Muskogee cultivar but they're too big and plain for the HOA to allow. Cute, decorative Corn, OK!
I learned decades ago that the idea that Spirit=Good is a sure fire way end up yet another casualty of the alt.rel community. Psych problems are the least to worry about. The Internet is full of folks who "Paddled With The Occult" and are now Fundies after getting a big ol fright. 'Course, a lot of them were frightened by Something that simply didn't like and Amy Brown print;>!
Since I haven't even planted the corn yet, I've plenty of time to study. Sadly, the local band of 1st Nation's Folks are so intermarried and their Traditions "Whitewashed" that asking them has been useless(even to simply look for heirloom veg). Those that took The Trail of Tears kept more of their Ways and are better resources, though the Wights they've been dealing with for the last century and a half aren't generally the one's they do now....

Spring in the Dangly Bits.....

The Florida Panhandle's the 1st place I've lived where Spring is actually around the Equinox. The azaleas and ornamental fruit trees are finishing up and most of the trees are Greening. The Dogwoods are just beginning.
The only fail this Winter was the White Dancing Ginger which didn't make it through the Freezes. The Nasturtiums in hanging baskets did well in the front, didn't survive the Freezes in the backyard. Nature;>!
The Citrus' are doing well though I think the Yuzu needs some Chelated Iron. The Persimmon is covered with flower buds! It needs to produce at least 3 fruits or it's out on the curb come Fall. I don't have the space to keep it if it doesn't.
I'm trying a lot of new and some previous failures but this time in containers instead of the ground. Last yr's container trial was so successful I'm trying all new and some old in them. Past fails like Foxglove, Agrostema and Cosmos appear to be doing well. As for new: Sweet Sultan, Ageratum, Forget-Me-Not and Scabosia seem to be doing well. About a third are already up to their permanent pots!
While due to this yr's Winter we had a better Daffodil performance, it wasn't good enough to continue planting them. I'll just leave the remaining be and if they adapt, great. if not, they'll provide nutrients to the plants around them.
Lilies OTOH continue to impress. The Martagon I planted has sprouted already and I had been warned by the grower that they sometimes take a couple of yrs before breaking Dormancy after transplanting. The one from Nepal is already almost 4 ft tall and 'Anastasia's about 3. The 2 Asian and Oriental lilies are still Dormant but they're always the last to pop.
I'm trying 2 new vines this yr; White Cup & Saucer and Yellow Spanish Flag. So far I can tell you that Spring bugs really like them;>!
The 2 kinds of Flowering Tobacco I'm trying this yr are doing great(previous attempts had been total failures) to the point that 1 of the Jasmine Tobaccos already has flower buds!
I've got one last flat in the house under lights that'll probably go out mid April, then we're done until August when we start the Cool Season plants again;>!


Things had almost settled down until last week when I got an early B-day present, a new computer! As wonderful as it is, the last week has been the "joy" of resetting passwords, many of which are over a decade old and long forgotten....
The Florida Panhandle is the only place on the planet I've lived where Spring actually comes around the Equinox. Last week the Pears, Apples and Azaleas were in full bloom, today most plants are covered in new leaves. This is my fav time of yr, Cool days and Cold nights. Eostre Rites were spectacular as it was like holding it in the center of a whirlwind. The fences around the courtyard acted as a windbreak while all around the freshly Greening treeleaves writhed and tossed;>.
I love the warm Sun and the cool air, sitting in either courtyard with a "cuppa", listening to the birdsong and in the evening, that of the various frogs and toads.
I LOVE this time of yr....


a made up word for something me and many Diabetics suffer from. I didn't realize it till recently. Heck, what do non Diabetics know mainly about Diabetes? to give candy to one of us if we look shaky;>.....
I spend more time arranging my life to prevent something that Objectively would be an EXTREMELY rare occurrence. In the couple of yrs I've been T2 I have NEVER had Low BG. High? Constantly, even with treatment(2 Oral 1 Injectable). Yet, instead I'm obsessively making sure I don't get Low Blood Sugar. You should see my schedule the 2 hrs before bedtime because unlike while I'm awake I can eat something every 2 hrs I've got to load slowly digesting and slow to break down to glucose.....something that has NEVER truly been needed. Except every Bloody thing I've learned or heard of makes me worried that my blood sugars may Crash.
Personally, I think It's actually aggravating my Diabetes. I Believe that if I wasn't so worried about my Sugars dropping that I'd actually have a better general BG and A1C. But it's hard to overcome 50 something yrs of book, tv and cultural baggage.
Oh Well;>....
Pat(who needs no Fiber supplements, believe me;>!)


Things are getting better here on Royal Oaks. The regular meds are stabilizing things(and after 2 weeks of reusing needles, having new ones for my Insulin is close to Bliss!)and the wave of med appts(3 more this week then only 1 per week at present for March) going down.
Spring has arrived here in "The Dangly Bits". The Pear, Plum and Redbud trees are blooming. Most everything is repotted, potted up or replanted in the courtyards. May have to make a change about the Cup&Saucer Vine in the back because the oldest seedling went out to get Hardened off and the Squirrels ate it. Since they're in both yards I may have to change me mind about planting it. Other than that, everything's going well. Have the last batch of seedlings to pot up in the house and then next week they should be ready to Harden off outside.
The Loquats in the neighborhood will be producing little to no fruit this yr due to the Cold Winter. The landscape crew wacked the heck out of the neighborhood fig so those that do form will be hard to pick. The birds, however will be pleased;>!


Well, the last couple of weeks have been "Interesting", as in "Interesting Times". Started with running out of my antidepressant(finally got my mailorder pharm to cough all of them up TUESDAY....a week and a half later)and ending with an ultrasound Wednesday to see if I needed a mammogram for the tender lump in my L breast(got the results Friday...the ONLY time I've EVER answered my phone while Driving! Just an abscess like before). Adding to the Stress Chuck had a lot of Bad Days and my SIL's newage beliefs had her rooting for Trump because his Behavior is purposeful, pulling the "Curtain from the wizards of the Illuminati". Sigh.
Things are getting better. Chuck's had mostly Good Days the last couple and with my Meds my Mood is certainly better. I also started CBD Oil. My SIL was touting it at Yule but since Florida screens folks who use the state healthcare system(to bump you off it), I wanted to check 1st with my MD....who said it was fine. I think it's helping my Neuropathy pain a bit, like changing a staticy radio station for one that's a hum....

Ice! Ice! Baby;>!

So, when I took the garbage out this am it was SLEETING. Now, in most places such a thing wouldn't be unusual but this is Florida, even if it's NW Florida. Freeze, yes but last night we had sleet and Crestview, 15 miles N of us had SNOW. It'll be gone by noon but still....
Of course, the eejits like my older brother will make the usual "so much for your Global Warming" comments but they don't "get" that it's more unstable weather than just HOT with Climate Change.
I have a Feeling this Summer's going to be BRUTAL.....