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I HATE dubbed Anime!!!!!!!!

an opinion no one who's read this or my other blogs over the last decade and a bit is surprised about;>! The reason is that after all that's happened in this yr I decided to give myself a present and subbed to a streaming service. Excellent library except all of it is dubbed!!!!
While there are many reasons for my dislike, two are most dominant and they are related.
Unfortunately, dubbing companies think that ALL Anime viewers are of the same demographic as those that watch Pokémon and such; middle schoolers and under. In Mature subject material(like the majority of Anime btw) this goes from annoying to downright CREEPY. Just picture ANY movie of adult theme and have them talk like a 7th grader....
The 2nd is related in that the companies want to be "relevant" and use the slang THEY THINK 7th graders are using when they're dubbing. This goes from amusing at the wrong time to just plain WRONG. A case in point is in a Horror Anime when the main character has decided to rescue a little girl from being eaten alive. The Japanese and subbed is "Let's do it". The dub? "Fukkn A!!!!". Both annoying and a bit inappropriate.....
On the + side, Chuck can watch with me IF I could get him interested;>!

DVD Recommendation: 'Kamichu!'

For a mental "palate cleanser" after 'Pupa';>….
'K' is an anime for both adults and kids and very sophisticated Spiritually. The story is of a middle school girl who wakes up one morning Knowing she is a god/kami. As she explores (and learns to control) her powers and what kind of god she IS her two best friends(one who's from a shrine family and younger sister can See and Speak to the resident god)help her along the way. A fairly complex Spiritual system is explained rather clearly. My fav episodes are in "The Realm of the Gods" where gods of and for Everything are....including those that have fallen out of style in the Human Realm(a fav bit is a gathering of Tech Gods with those of Beta, VHS and Floppy relegated to the back;>…).
Sweet AND Smart.

DVD Review: 'Pupa'.....

DON'T!!!!!!! Well, if you've been watching Anime since childhood and as an adult you've been a fan of the stuff not mainstreamed to the US market.....maybe. For everyone else NO! Even I found it DISTURBING, and I like Zombie flicks!
Sometimes, folks forget that Westernized cultures still AREN'T Western and see things very differently. I'm pretty travelled(physically and sexually)but I remember my reaction to a "slice of life" anime simply because of the style. Imagine 'Sex in the City'. Now, imagine every episode,action and line done by 6 yr old actors. Creepy, no?
Now back to 'P'. Well written, decent art and characters. However, this anime is about a horrible disease that Mutates those it doesn't kill. The main characters are a pair of infected siblings. The boy's mutation SEEMS benevolent. He rapidly regenerates physical damage. The sister, however's horrendous. When hungry, she turns into a monster with craving human flesh, the younger the better. So to keep his sweet sister from eating the neighbor kids when she gets hungry she literally eats HIM. Lot's of emotional turmoil about good folks in a horrible situation needless to say and if you like characters wallowing on their pity pots instead of doing something(even if it's Suicide), you might like this one. I'm not.
I try not to be judgemental(that's not true;>) but if you enjoy this one,Cthulu is definitely your Lord and Savior(or maybe the Orange One)….

The Midsummer Garden.....

Green is the predominant colour, with accents of White, Red, Purple and Rust. The Morning Glories are still Blooming, as are the various subtropical Salvias. My Brugmansia versicolor(Angel's Trumpet) and Night Blooming Jessamine are sporadic but very noticeable when I go for my AM walk....they're Night bloomers and VERY Fragrant;>!
The Hummingbirds and Butterflies love the Pentas' and Salvias. Oddly enough, not so much the Butterfly Bush! Next Spring will be very pretty with the Wild Violets reaching almost Invasive proportions in both courtyards. My Habranthus Rainlilies are doing nicely with generally 4-5days post thunderstorm producing flushes of Pink(and one White-flowered species)trumpets....like Sherry-glass sized Amaryllis'. I have a feeling I'll be getting more of them and their Zephranthes relations in the future(though half aren't doing well, unlike the H's).
The cats are entertained most nights by the Tree Frogs that congregate in the Persimmon outside the Living Room window. Hopefully, it's replacement next yr(3 yrs of total fruit drop and this yr a single fruit remains at present) with be as accommodating to them....


I'm in a weird mood. One of the things I've realized is that all of you and those of my Hardcopy Acquaintance are far along on their personal Paths that your Work is Personal now...you all are way past the need for "101" help or info.
One of the many things you notice as you progress on your Path is that less and less is Useful, let alone Communicable with others. I certainly now have much more sympathy(and thankfully their Patience;>!) for my early Teachers. At least with a group a Group Mind of sorts forms where the same Experience tends to be Seen similarly. But still not the same. Go Solitary for a time and chances are you'll See the same Thing differently than others(unless you're sharing the same mythos as a Worldview organizer). This makes Teaching others even more difficult. Perhaps that's a bit reason this world of alt.rel folk tend toward the lowest common denominator. Certainly the easiest. Heck, it's hard enough in a group to get folks to DO THE WORK, Solitary?!? You need a Will stronger than standard and even then you're going to "blow" things "off" pretty regularly.
One thing I discovered recently about myself was that while I'd dealt with my JCI religious "Issues" I hadn't with that of the JCI culture itself. It wasn't until prompted by a friend's post that got me rethinking my reading of Shinto(and Muskeegee) Rites that I'd missed a BIG ONE.
In the traditional "Pagan" Ways I've read(and I have to agree with Bonewitz that the Hindu spiritual culture of the upper classes were contaminated by 1st Islam then Christianity's worldview) the Rite is the THING ITSELF. It is not a "step" on a "path". They rose from a Need in that culture, not as a step toward some otherworldly goal. And Ragnarok notwithstanding(which is not a Universal Nordic Myth by the way), the more I read the more I Believe that the Ancestors did the same. Yet, here I was having problems with just that because they didn't organically "fit" into some cosmic pattern....or at least an agricultural one:>!
Traditional Wicca was created by folks who hadn't dealt with the worldview either, but then that allowed them to Create a Way that HAS that Integration that traditional Pagan Ways don't. Truthfully, if I'd not had Experiences that have me Believing in the actual existence of Individual Deities I'd have been perfectly happy in Wicca. I'd come to it already Polytheistic and the added discomfort of finding out it was no more historical that Mormonism(which my Mom's side of the family is and remembering what they had to go through being told one thing by the world and another by the church), my time was numbered.
It's hard to buy Wiccan Theology when you've had The Old Man sitting on your bed while you WERE Meditating;>. He ain't no "Aspect"! At least to me.....
Sorry for the word salad. It's been a weird couple of weeks;>


Things are nearing normal(for us;>). Chuck can do everything he could before the Stroke except Writing. Since pretty much the only writing he did was check writing and all his bills are auto pay now....he doesn't see much need.
The garden(s) are mostly sorted now. Esp the back or Meditation/Ritual Garden. It really looks and smells good(esp at night) but except for Ritual it's too Bloody hot to Meditate in. Or anything else for that matter. However, it's nice to watch for the bed though the sliding glass door the antics of Hummingbirds, Butterflies and treefrogs(with the occasional Box Turtle;>). Oddly enough, the Landwights tend to stay outside of the courtyard fence. Then again, most I've seen around here would pretty much fill it;>! Not a lot of diminutive Devas in my neighborhood.
It's time to be thinking about what I'm going to plant for Fall and Winter. I've become kind of enamored in the old fashioned Nasturtium. It just needs protection during Hard Freezes and gives a great show(as well as tasty Flowers and leaves!)all Winter and Spring. They esp do well in baskets, which make protecting them during Freezes pretty easy....


Chuck "graduated" Physical Therapy today. From now on, it's up to him. No falls at all and only a couple stumbled post hospital. And he doesn't need a cane indoors or for short distances(like to the mailbox). Other than endurance and poor fine motor in his R hand he's pretty much back to where he was before the Stroke...except much more alert and "perky", which is a dbl-edged sword;>!


The best and worst thing about being Solitary is the same thing; that there is no one "guiding" you. Though unless you happen to be of-the-grid AND in a dead zone chances are you're not really alone. Not like even back in the 1200 baud and BBS days;>. The 1st time I was Solitary was in the mid 80's and in a conservative area. Now THAT was Solitary;>!
One of the things you notice after a while being S is that you begin to realize how much your Practice is about others, not YOU. This is both Good and Bad. It's Good to be part of something greater and to help others. It's Bad when your decisions are more about Pleasing(or at least not Pissing off) others.
One of the biggest negatives is it become very easy to let things slide. 'Course, some had no problem doing that within a group. This is where Goals, Plans and just plain Resolutions come in.
I think the biggest problem comes when you realize that the Rites you've been taught don't work that well with one person.Here is where previous experience helps. You Know how it SHOULD Feel and can "putter" with the format knowing that when it doesn't, you've cut something IMPORTANT. This IMO is why few newbies stay in their alt.rel Way unless they find a group. They'll either keep "juggling" and spend all their Energy just to get the Rite completed or they cut it to a "comfy" size that satisfies NO ONE.
Being Solitary will ALWAYS have effects on your Practice. In the last almost 2 decades S I've gone from Folkish Asatru to something I figure is more like the Fisher or Herdsfolk did; Honoring the Greater and Lesser Wights generally with Toasting. Sort of like an informal Sumbel. I found myself putting Holy Days off because unless they were marked clearly on a calendar, I forgot them. It also doesn't help that the Heathen High Days (with the exception of Yule) can easily be confused to date and even month;>. That's why a couple of yrs ago I went back to the old AFA Wheel model. Still, most didn't fit with either my location or life. I believe that's why I've been getting re-interested in the Wiccan Wheel which pretty much "maps" to my local biome. Normally, I'd wait till the New Yr to start a new project but after Chuck's Stroke, I'm reminded how little time we all may have left. So I'm going to start with Lammas. Here it coincides with fresh Corn Harvest and I'm going to TRY to incorporate Honoring Maize as well as the European grains. I figure I didn't have problems with the Horned Snakes till after a week of Offerings to the Native Wights. I figure a yrly Honoring of the Corn Spirit shouldn't cause concerns. We'll know in a couple weeks then;>….

Childhood Faith......

With all that's gone on the last month+, I guess I shouldn't be surprised having nostalgic feels for my childhood Faith....Wicca. Well, technically teen faith, since I didn't have any framework to arrange my Spiritual Feelings with;>. While I was raised Christian, between my parents ecumenicalism that all denominations were equal and those same denominations teaching me they each were and my exposure to Classical Paganism(as well as books on Shinto brought back from Japan by my mother while her stepfather was stationed with MacArthur's Occupation force...), it had no chance!
Oddly enough, it's the Wicca I PERSONALLY practiced, not that of my Alexandrian offshoot coven. For one, I was ALWAYS Polytheistic. While Duotheism made sense logically, it didn't "Ring Tru" for me. Everything else "Worked" for me. What didn't was this "Call" I'd had since before Puberty to "Come Home" to my Ancestor's Ways....and Wicca WASN'T. I didn't help that our coven basically imploded when our HPS moved to Israel to be a part of a "Bring Back the Elohim" movement there at the time.
Now, I'm still Heathen. The Aesir, Vanir and Disir as well as the Ancestors, Alfs and Wights are an integral part of my life. However, nowadays I'm finding myself missing the Sabbats. I remember them more satisfying than often I find our 3 High Holy Days. I do find it amusing, realizing how far this once proud Folkish Heathen has "fallen";>.
Haven't done anything about it, though last yr I started to use the old AFA Wheel mainly because it made it easier to keep my Practice regular. So, "Going All the Way" certainly wouldn't be a surprise. And after all, the Florida Panhandle is one of the few places where 1st Frost is around Yule and Last at Imbolc/Charming of the Plow(which is one of the few Norse Holy Days that "maps" to our local biome).

The Summer Garden.....

Now that things are getting nearer to normal(as much as it ever does for us;>), I can begin to get stuff long put off done.
Needless to say, a month of no work on had left the gardens a bit overgrown. I'm MOSTLY caught up on the Weeding and Pruning. A number of plants being tested failed our climate and weather and had to be tossed into the Composter. So far, the ONLY new Annual that passed was the White Ageratum. Everything else either died or performed poorly. That also includes the White Cathedral Bells vine. The Yellow form of the Spanish Flag vine is doing well vegitatively but no blooms yet so it's still to be determined.
Of the new bulbs the big winners are the Habranthus robustus', which were gifts in two orders of Zephranthes and Crinums. These "Rain Lilies" have pretty much been blooming since the end of April. Z 'Zodiac Surprise' has bloomed once and atesca died. Only one of the Blettia alba Orchids sprouted. I had the common form at my old house(a Passalong from a neighbor)and missed them.
Surprisingly, the White form of the Maypop is more vigorous than the common. NOT a "Good Thing" in a small garden;>!
All the subtropical Salvias are doing well. The Hummingbirds love them so much they'll "hit" them before the feeders;>!
Niceville, Fl(Heat Index over 104F last two weeks)