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2nd Mundane Project.....

In a way it's related to the 1st in that Sourdough is also a Ferment. The 2nd is Veg Fermentation. For jol my brother got me these neat silicon airlocks that allow you to make regular mouth mason jars into fermentation vessels. Yesterday I started some Sauerkraut and I have plans next week to start a batch of Kimchee. I've got to go AGAIN over to FWB to fill out YET ANOTHER set of forms to keep my medical assistance coming and plan on stopping at one(or both) of my fav Korean groceries for supplies I can't get "run hyar"(salted baby shrimp, Gojugang and good Fish Sauce). After Chuck's strong onions in the fridge I'm no longer going to worry about the smell of Kimchee. At least the Kimchee doesn't make dairy products stink;>!


Just kidding;>. But for some reason in the last month or so I keep getting asked about the subject. Probably because I'm the only "Out" Gay person most of them know. I've been answering them thus:
I met my 1st "Out" Trans person in the early 90's at our local GLBT support group. He was a Het man who was stationed at the local AFB as a fighter pilot. We were the only local group he could at least get folks who'd have some idea of what he was going through. I moved away for a couple yrs and when I got back he had Transitioned. Changing Sex did not change her Orientation. She had been attracted to women before and still WAS. Her wife stayed with her and now they are to the outside world the nice Lesbian couple down the street.
The FTM/Trans men I've known have been the same. As Females they were attracted to men and after Transitioning they were now technically Gay. The reason I bring these up is that for some reason(and it may simply be the demographic of my friends; over 30...WAY over;>!) they think Trans folks are Gays or Lesbians that want to "fit in" and are changing sex to be "Het". So far ALL my family and Het friends think this way(those that've asked about the subject. By pointing out my examples I hope to at least get them to question their Beliefs. Wishful Thinking....).
On the OTHER question(s) I keep getting asked. I consider Trans kids(those before Puberty) to be no more my "bidness" than Dance and Pajent kids. As long as it's their idea and they're having fun . If it's YET another mother using their kid for attention or to live through....NO. Before Puberty I didn't know I was Gay but I DID know that I didn't "fit" with the other boys so it's quite possible that they may be Transfolk in "embryo". Or they may not be. As long as they're Loved, whatever they may grow up to be will be OK.

Bread Project....

My mundane project for the yr is Bread Baking; trying new(well, new to me;>) flours, and mostly using a starter. For my Jol present I ordered a French culture from Sourdough International. I chose this one mainly because it' supposed to be the least "tangy". San Francisco's Bakeries competition to have the "tangiest" Sourdough Breads cured me of the need for Pucker Power;>!
After I got the culture activated(it came dried)I divided it into two and one I slowly adapted to Whole Wheat Flour.
For my 1st loaf with this culture I used a basic no-knead White Bread recipe; replacing 1/2 cup Water and 1/2 cup AP Flour with a cup of starter. Mixed it last night and this AM Baked it.
The bread itself is a great success! Great crust, crumb and taste! The only problem was mine by using Parchment Paper to decrease the bread sticking to the pan. In that it worked perfectly! However, the paper stuck to the loaf, giving the impression of a large, White cupcake;>!
Next time, I'll just grease the pan as I've been doing since the 70's. Sometimes "hacks" aren't the help they're presented as....at least in your conditions!


With all the krap I've been dealing with the last couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of watching escapist material, some of it on You Tube. I'm just going to focus on my two fav genres; Sci-Fi and Horror:
For Sci-Fi, there are two that stand out; Oats Studio and DUST. The former produces it's own content which is INCREDIBLE, the latter from sources all over the planet...literally.
Of Horror, there are Crypt Tv and Screamfest. The former is mostly own content(again, INCREDIBLE) the other from mult sources. Both are great sites. The one I watch the most is Crypt Tv.
Ctv is it's own universe; similar to us but not quite. Much more "Lovecraftian". It has it's own monsters. They've become so popular that Creepypastas and fan shorts have been made and the best get put up on their channel. Two of their monsters are now my fav ones PERIOD; the Look-See and the Birch. The former is probably their audience's fav one as well. It look's like a well-dressed man with a scarred, featureless head(no eyes or nose)with a wide shark-like mouth. It's purpose is to get you to "release" those obsessions/grudges/etc and if you do not, "it takes a piece"(while killing you). Those that gave up their obsessions before he did become his heralds; leaving messages for those he plans to come for to get them to give them up in time.
The Birch is just because I, like the main character was horribly bullied in school. Before his grandma died, she told him of the forest spirit that protects good boys like him and how to contact Her. He follows her instructions and. of course his bully HAD to follow him into the woods...not a good idea in retrospect;>.
There are many other monsters and items; most like the Look-See are Ethical and Moral "enforcers".....
Then there are the Cooking Channels;>!

Adventures in Medicine.....

Looong two weeks. 1st, me: 2 Wednesdays ago I get a call from my pharmacy that the program that helped me with my aids meds co-pays was defunked. I called our county rep for ADAP(Aids Drugs Assistance Program) and left a message. Friday my pharm called again and this time she gave me HER contact...which worked! This Monday I spent 4 hrs doing paperwork and my meds arrived Wednesday. I was without ALL my meds except Pain and Insulin for 4 days.
Then Chuck had his appt Thursday. All he heard was that he lost 10# in 3 months. He didn't (and probably wouldn't have understood anyway at his stage of Dementia) that he was in early stage Kidney failure. The hope is this is just the result of a 4 month fungal med series and those meds are notorious for being rough on the kidneys. Fingers crossed his next labs will be better.


So, this morning I wake up to a mess. My Sourdough culture had expanded all over the cooler I was using as a Proofing box. Guess the culture is active;>!
Tomorrow I'll separate it into two cultures; one for regular flour and the other I'll begin adapting it to Whole Wheat. I should be able to start Baking this weekend!

Series Recommendation:'Upstart Crow'....

This Britcom is a bit like 'Blackadder' with it's snark so....
'UC' is a comedy about the life of William Shakespeare. From his biological family in Stratford-On-Trent to his theater family in London, these literal characters give him Inspiration for his plays. My fav character is his wife whose down to earth character reigns in her husband's more elaborate fantasies.....USUALLY;>.
Well written and fun.

Baking Bread....

I've always enjoyed Cooking, ever since I was a kid helping my Mom but wasn't that interested in Baking in general(I don't have a strong "sweet tooth"). It wasn't until the early 80's and my Vegetarian Period that I started Baking Bread.....and found I enjoyed it! While that period of my life is loooong gone, the Breadmaking Love remains.
I was an irregular Baker. That is, I'd Bake at irregular periods. Maybe a "Baker's Dozen" times a yr;>. When we moved back here(well, for me) I started Baking regularly, even to start my own local Sourdough. It was ok, but after a yr I let it die and went back to commercial Yeasts. Then my parents began to fail.
We moved back in "01" because they needed someone they could call on and would be able to come over at a moment's notice. This went until 5 yrs ago when they moved to be closer to my brother and his wife and so we followed. Mom Passed that yr and Dad the next. Needless to say, I wasn't much in the mood to Bake...
Well, it's been a couple of yrs and as the cost of GOOD store bread has skyrocketed, the cost to DYI has come down markedly....so I am!
I made my Mundane Project for this yr to Bake regularly and to improve technique. I've even gone to the trouble of ordering a culture from a commercial source. I picked Sourdough International's French culture because it was supposedly the least tart. If youve lived any amt of time in San Francisco, you'd understand. In some parts they compete for the hottest Chili, In The City they won't be happy till there's no difference to the customer from a slice of bread and a slice of Lemon;>.
So, my culture arrived Saturday and I'm now reactivating it's freeze-dried form. So far it looks better than my homecollected culture!
Honestly, I didn't know they decided to make another season; after all, it's been a few yrs since S:1.
If you've never heard of this Anime(and you probably haven't unless you read me;>), 'HC' is a horribly translated title for an incredible show about the Beings that work in the Japanese Buddhist Hell known as Jikogu. Hozuki is King Enma's 2nd in command; unflappable, respected by both Hell and Paradise. The show is episodic(esp S:1) so jumping in isn't a big problem. The only real arcs in 1 are how Momotaro(a Japaese folk hero) gets sent to Jigoku and how he redeems himself and gets sent to Paradise; the longstanding "disagreement" between Hozuki and Paradise's Apothocary(he who keeps the Peaches of Immortality)
S:2 does have some story arcs; how H became and Oni, how the present form of Jigoku was formed, how he became #2.
Both funny and a good look into the Afterlife of Japan!


The Winter Garden.....

So, my holiday cacti(Thanksgiving and X-mas;>) that survived this Summer are Blooming are just starting. They're 2 months LATE! Yet, it's not even a week into January and my 1st Daffodil has opened! The Fall blooming Sage is finishing up and most else has gone Dormant. Every yr in every way the weather and the resultant Botanical growth gets weirder...and I've been Growing in the area off-n-on since the early 90's.
I've een Tree Frogs that haven't gone Torpid yet.
I think I'm not going to add anything to the gardens this yr. I've plenty of seeds to take care of the open bits and certainly enough perennials to divide and fill the rest. Next month I'll put a note on our area online community to see if anyone wants starts of both Common and Black Galangal as well as Yellow Turmeric. The latter is WAY vigorous;>! The Black G's a relative of the Peacock Ginger so it makes a nice groundcover and the Turmeric ha a lovely form. The best I can say about Common G is that it has lovely lacy blossoms...when it DOES bloom;>!