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Lost in Translation....

A point was made by one of my fav YouTubers Doctor Jackson Crawford about modern creations such as the NNV's and such. A lot of Wisdom gets lost when you try to condense what is basically a small book into nine words.
I admit, the Havamal is my fav bit of Lore, even over the Voluspa. I've read mult translations and Meditated on the stanzas of both mult times. While the Voluspa nourishes my Mystical/Religious side, the Havamal does my sense of Ethics and Morals. True, some are definitely out of sync with Info Age folks in 1st World countries but in general they are a great source of Wisdom in how to interact while Incarnated. Shiteloads better than the Bible.
You will be much better off to read even a "meh" translation of the Havamal than to download one of the half dozen Nine Noble Virtues I've run into in the last 2 and a half decades. It's not so you can make Afterlife Points, it's to live a Good one....


Over the yrs I've run into both folks asking how the Runestaves are made AND numerous workshoppes and books where we're told that either there is "No One Way" or some complicated method without Lore backing.
Now, I'm quite sure that in the later centuries of each(Elder, Younger and Futhorc) that individuals or "schools DID come up with methods to make things more"witchy" but IMO the earliest methods were probably the simplest.
Runestaves were originally designed to be carved. The Futhorc simply exchanged a quill for a chisel. If you want to know how to "rist" Elder or Younger Futharks, study how a craftsperson carves stone or wood. For the Futhorc? Calligraphy.
Fridhr, Pat


I didn't realize until today that I'd basically withdrawn from my Chronic Health/Pain groups the last couple of months. Once I realized it, the reason was pretty evident.....I didn't want to be a dick.
I've been "dealing" with Pain personally and professionally all my life so I know every person's Pain is VALID. I also know that depending how much Pain you've Experienced in your life, your idea of how bad it is varies as well. But it's still VALID for YOU.
That said, I HATED that objectively on all but one group(which deals which has a number of Cancer patients) I was the once worst off. I began to Feel anger at some of the posters that dominated the groups whose levels I wouldn't give a 4 basically taking them to bed(I do yard work at that level). And I didn't want to be one of those folks that have to "one up" others. So I stopped reading and posting.
I'm of two minds about continuing to post Health stuff here. One, it's my journal;>! But the other is I don't want to be seen as a Whiner or worse, an attention junkie. So this might be the last update I post on the subject:
Both me and my younger brother were born with spine deformities and have had Chronic Back Problems all our lives. Back "97" I had my worst and the MD diagnosed both Herniated disk AND Arthritis in both hips. I was also told that since I had hiv/aids Surgery was out and other than Physical Therapy I was going to just "deal". Once we moved to Florida THAT ended. About ten yrs ago I had another really bad episode and once again the same diagnosis except for what one would expect after a decade. So it was back to "Suck it up Buttercup". At the same time my brother had his finally herniate and got his spine fused. He's still pain free.
Finally the Chronic Back and Hip Pain has out done the Neuropathy Pain. We won't discuss Acute episodes.
I have an appt next Tuesday and maybe they can do Cortisone shots or something into my back and spine. If Chuck didn't need me I'd find a Dealer and stay Stone an Drunk till I died....

Home and Garden.....

Pretty much finished my Sourdough project. Learned a few things:
1-No real difference between unadapted and adapted starter for Whole Wheat. The adapted started faster but since you set it to ferment overnight, no real difference. No need for another culture to care for or clutter up the fridge...
2-Less is more. I started with 1 cup Starter(1:1 ratio flour to water) per loaf and got mostly "meh" results. Good tasting but about the same crumb as standard bread. Dropped it down to 1/2 with better results. May try down to 1/4 next Bake. Pretty much have a good basic recipe down that works well with Ancient grains like Kamut.

Things in the garden are pretty much done except for maintenance until Fall. Everything is in. The Roses, Sages and Brugmansias(Angels Trumpets) are in full bloom and the Lilies are just starting. The Gardenias are particularly spectacular right now.

Us, same-o, same-o. Finally had to give in and get a shower chair for myself, though I'm only using it just to catch my breath from the pain. It's not the Nephropathy but my old Nemesis my herniated lumbar disk. My back doesn't go "out" anymore, it's permanently "out". And since I'm considered a poor surgery risk(heck, back in "98" when it was diagnosed) there's nothing to be done but "Keep Calm and..." which after a couple decades is getting OLD. Who knows? Maybe they've changed the rules since the last time I brought it up to the MDs and I could get a couple of vertebrae fused. Well, if it'd do any good 21 yrs out....


Only have one more order pending then I'm done with planting till Fall. Put up the Hummingbird feeders just in case. Many hop across the Gulf on their way up the East Coast so I want them to hae plenty of fuel available. Most of the flowers in my gardens are nectar plants but the extra will be appreciated.

The Late Spring Garden.....

With the exception of the Wild Violets and Nasturtiums, the Spring flowers are done. The Nun's Orchids(Phais species and hybrids) are in full bloom as are most of the subtropical Salvias. On most of the Lilies I can see buds forming for next months show. I had a lovely surprise the other day seeing the Martagon lily sprout, esp since I planted the bulb 2 yrs ago! The Roses are going well, esp the St Patrick. Plenty of Yellow Roses for Chuck's den.
All that's left are some mailorders in the pipe and when they're in I'll be ready for Summer!
This will be a hard book to find; it's OOP. Used book services and e-book sites(some that have it for free) are your best bets.
I read this yrs ago and just reread it. I decided not to recommend it before simply because it's too unsettling for most folks. After rereading I decided to. Dunsany and Lovecraft may have created Cosmic Horror but Wright puts them in his dust.
Set millions of yrs in the future, it a number of intersecting stories about Humanity, most set after the Sun and Stars have gone out. Note I said millions instead of billions. Something put them OUT. Most of the stories are set in the time of the Last Redoubt of man, a 7 mile tall structure containing all "normal" Earthlife. Outside are horrors that make Lovecraft's look tame. Humans are given bombs to suicide if caught by that which is Outside so that their shells don'y allow something that would(and will) end Humanity. One thread that runs through many of the stories is that of a couple of Souls that meet again and again from the Bronze age to a drifting starship with the last few Humans in the Universe on board.
Deeply Unsettling but often beautiful.
A great read but one you might need some time Sunbathing to chase the shadows away....at least for a time;>!

Wight Watch!

This week I've been doing something I haven't in a few months, watching the local Wights. House-wise, it's about the same, a handful of Husalfar that seem to enjoy hanging around our antique mirror. Just like at our last home they prefer it and ignore the much larger modern mirrors. I think it's less that it's that particular mirror and more the way they used to make them.
Of the Landvaettr, things seem to be mostly the same since last time. The majority are what I(and apparently others do from the internet;>) call Rods; basically flying cylinders >1 ft long. This time the Sessile(my name for the thing that looks to me like a sea anemone the size of a mini cooper with it's tentacles retracted)was gone so there may have been more Rods than last time since it's the only Wight I've EVER seen acting Predatory. There were a few things far off but not very clear to me. None of those giant whatzits striding over the treetops like some modern art version of a Japanese Kaiju.
Over the yrs I've noted a few things; they are more abundant and active when it's bright and warm. Other than that, not much. Near Human habitats there are only a handful of "species"(with the Rods as most abundant). When I've been out in the Woods I hadn't been paying attention and now too mobility challenged to make up for that. Oh Well. I'll just do the best I can with what I've got;>


One of the MANY reasons I left FB was being attacked for my POV by folks that I'd reconnected with since we moved here to "The Dangly Bits". One that hurt alot was someone I considered a friend and had been very involved with our wedding. I hadn't known in the time we'd moved he'd gone all SJW. A couple days after being told that "I knew better" I left FB.
Flash forward to yesterday. I'd ordered a collection of Heathen-oriented papers of a generally Tribalist/Folkish leaning. Well, guess who is now a godhi in AFA and praises the same man I got Flamed for imply saying I'd had a pleasant and intelligent online conversation with?
Humans....the Other White Meat.


I've decided that I'm tired of sounding like a paranoid old man and so I'm no longer going to council Metaphysical Safety Precautions here or on my communities.